Paula Abdul kids

Paula Abdul is a popular dancer, singer, and actress. She has a whopping net worth of $30 million and all thanks to her acting, dancing and singing career. Paula Abdul's Wiki-Bio. Paula Abdul was born on June 19, 1962 (age 57 years), San Fernando, California, United States. She is graduated from California State University majoring in broadcasting. The Official Website of Paula Abdul - Forever Your Girl Las Vegas Residency On-Sale Now! Tour Dates, Ticket Information, Videos, Merchandise & More. Paula Abdul grew up in the San Fernando Valley, California. She began taking dance lessons when she was eight. She attended Van Nuys High School, where she was senior class president and head cheerleader. After graduating in 1980, she started college at Cal State-Northridge, majoring in TV and radio. Paula Abdul Mini Bio. Abdul, born on June 9, 1962, had a passion for dance from an early age and started dance lessons in ballet, jazz, and tap. Later, she joined Van Nuys High School, where she was a cheerleader and an honest student. She received a scholarship to a dance camp near Palm Springs. Paula Abdul’s Biography, Age and Ethnicity. Even though her name suggests otherwise, Paula Abdul was born to Jewish parents, Harry Abdul and Lorraine M. Rykiss. She was born in San Fernando, California on the 19th of June, 1962. Harry Abdul, her father is a Syrian Jew who was born in Aleppo, Syria. Paula Abdul, Madonna and Mariah Carey showed the children how it's done with alternately festive, regal and jaw-dropping performances that were less about trending topics and more about true ... In fact, they divorced because Paula had wanted children and Emilio did not because he had kids from a previous marriage. When was Paula Abdul born? Paula Abdul was born on June 19, 1962. Oct 24, 2018 - Explore Mee's board 'paula abdul costumes ideas' on Pinterest. See more ideas about Paula abdul, Paula, 80s costume. Paula Abdul parents. Harry Abdul (father). Year of Birth: 1933 Date of Death: April, 2019 (aged 85) Harry was the owner of a sand and gravel business. He bought and sold livestock for a living but is known basically as the father of the Forever Your Girl singer. He divorced Lorraine when Paula was only seven but they both raised their children observing the Jewish High Holidays. Paula Abdul was born on 19th June 1962 in San Fernando, California. Her father belongs to the Syrian Jewish community, and her mother is a concert pianist. Paula always had a deep interest in dancing and joined ballet and jazz classes at an early age.

A reminder: You are not a bad parent because you didn't anticipate a global pandemic.

2020.08.29 02:52 theodore_boozevelt A reminder: You are not a bad parent because you didn't anticipate a global pandemic.

You are not a bad parent. You are not a bad person.
You are not a bad parent because you are overwhelmed by a situation that none of us anticipated. You are not a bad parent because you didn't anticipate this.
I have seen some people express the following idea, either thinly-veiled or overt: If you didn't want to take care of your kids 24/7, you shouldn't have had kids. What did you expect??
You expected difficulty. You expected challenges and rewards. You expected sleepless nights. You expected diaper blowouts and the terrible twos, some weird problem where the baby only sleeps when being rocked or when listening to Paula Abdul, neighbors who are nosy about details but scant on providing help.
You expected to continue with your chosen plan of staying at home or going to work. You expected to be able to find a babysitter and worry that the babysitter would hold the baby at a wrong angle when feeding and make baby spit up. You expected to be able to find a babysitter and you'd worry that they'd let your kid watch a different TV channel than normal while they sat on their phone. You expected that, when worst came to worst, you could call a friend or aunt to hold baby in the middle of the night. You expected that someday you'd need an hour away from your 5 year old and 8 year old, and you'd let some other parent take them to the park, and maybe your 8 year old would get a cut and bruise because they fell off the top of the monkey bars, and you'd feel guilty.
You expected that your mom or mother-in-law could come to "play with the baby," and she'd end up doing laundry. You expected that you could drop them off at your dad's place for a weekend and have a romantic night with your partner, just the two of you. You expected that your husband or wife could hold the baby when baby got their shots, because you can't handle seeing them hurt even a little bit. You expected that you would cry when you bought their first backpack for pre-school, marveling at how the backpack is twice the size of them when they were born, and now they're wearing it for a whole day away from you.
You did not expect that it'd be dangerous to go to the playground. You did not expect that you couldn't get out of the house in cold weather because you didn't expect indoor places to be closed or restricted. You did not expect that you would have to be a working parent AND a stay at home parent at the same time. You did not expect that Lysol and toilet paper would become scarce in March and you'd have to explain to your recently-potty-trained 4-year-old that they can't pull down the whole roll. You did not expect to see them in their child-sized mask and you'd just want to hold them because a kid in a mask is so, so fragile.
You did not expect that your 60-year-old mother or your 78-year-old aunt would not safely be able to take the baby if you needed it. You did not expect that every friend or coworker might be a risk. You did not expect that safety policies at the grocery store would spark political debates in your family. You did not expect that your spouse or family member who worked outside the house would either not be able to play with the kid, or that you'd be terrified every time they played with the kid. You did not expect that hearing someone sneeze would fill you with fear, because you did not expect someone else's sneeze to be dangerous.
You did not expect that you would get annoyed at your spouse for how they acted while home 24/7 with you all day, because for most of history in most of the world, people got to leave and walk around and at the very least, go to work or bicker at a market. You did not expect that you couldn't call on your family or neighbors to help you, because for most of history in most of the world, your parents and your aunts and your neighbors could safely and easily step in, and you'd do the same. You did not expect that you had to play with your kid all day every day, because for most of history in most of the world, kids could entertain one another.
We didn't anticipate this. Being fearful and angry in a world we didn't anticipate doesn't make you a bad parent. You are a good parent. Believe me, you are. Stay strong.
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2020.07.14 10:58 FeddyFoozbear OFFICIAL Squidward Community College Alumni

Alumni Squidward Tentacles AUserOnTheInternet Gangsta Mario Son Gohan Dad With The Milk Jaime Rodriguez Karen Ronald McDonald Sonic The Hedgehog Shadow The Hedgehog Jesus The Letter E Mila Kunis Shrek John Adams Barack Obama The guy who can Out Pizza The Hut Ben "High Ground" Kenobi Anakin Skywalker Younglings Firelord Ozai Dr. Quack(of Webkinz Fame) Masahiro Sakurai Thanos Vladimir Putin Scarface James Charles Ted Bundy Reggie Fils-Aimé Todd Howard Cloud Strife Donald Trump Joe Naruto Light Yagami Bob Ross Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Scooby-Doo Shaggy Bill Gates Slavoj Zizek David Baszucki Yuri Gagarin Jeff Goldblum Frank Madelyn Cline Anne Frank Ferris Bueller Chuck E Cheese Chuck E Parmesan (chuck e cheese’s brother) Chuck E Provolone (chuck e cheese’s other brother) Chuck E Mozzarella (chuck e cheese’s son) Chuck E Swiss (chuck e cheese’s nephew) Chuck E Gouda (chuck e cheese’s other nephew) Chuck E Casu Marzu (chuck e cheese's illegitimate son) Dr. Phil Patrick Star Gary the Snail Rich Evans Neil Cicierega Emma Royd Mao Zedong Richard Nixon The Letter F V-Bucks George Clooney Snoopy The Dog Snoop Dogg Toby Fox ZUN Elon Musk Robert E.O. Speedwagon Dr. Jack Bright William Afton Joey Drew Ted Kaczynski My Neighbor Totoro X Æ A-12 (it was changed to X Æ A-Xii i think) Norville Shaggy Rogers Mark Zuckerberg Yoda Pierce Hawthorne Sans Papyrus Caesar Zeppeli Will A. Zeppeli Wario Waluigi Homer Simpson L Lawliet K.K. Slider Bort Sampson The Lady That Swears By Her Essential Oil MLM Natural Remedy (a.k.a Karen’s daughter, Linda) Linda Let Me See The Kids Kars Marge Simpson Esidisi Wamuu Barry B. Benson 7 Grand Dad Tom Nook Joe Biden Batman Lydia Deetz Miss Argentina Pac-Man Bo Nerr Bill Clinton Adolf Hitler Gaffadi of Libya JC Denton Robert E. Lee Sachiko Koshimizu God Michael J. Fox Abraham Lincoln Mr. Krabs Albert Einstein Mariah Carey John Patrick Douglass Cheese Steve Jobs Hatsune Miku Kim Jong-Il Kim Il-Sung Kim Jong-un Sam Sung Kim jong-jong Kimmy Young-un Il-Sung-Kim DanTDM Scott Wozniak Jim Caddick Thomas "Tomska" Ridgewell Kim-Kim-Kim The Il of Korea Joe Biden’s brother George Bush’s pet dog Moon Jae-in Margaret Thatcher Roh Moo-Hyun The Entire Harvard Admissions Team Lori Loughlin The Person Who Lori Loughlin Bribed Jack Black Elmo Timmy Turner Doug Dimmadome Dinkleberg Kratos Speedwagon Foundation Workers Iggy Hanzo Hasashi Johnny Cage Street Fighter Ryu Retarded morgz (wait isn’t morgz already retarded?) Filthy Frank Dan Schneider Nice try, go away asshole. You don't deserve this spot Eggs Benedict Markiplier Fidel Castro Jojo Siwa John Stamos Jerry Seinfeld Rodger Bumpass Bashar al-Assad Jenna Tolls Jeff Bezos Ronald McDonald The Burger King John F. Kennedy Bourg Productions Gangsta Luigi (he died graduated because we killed him, chopped up his remains, and fed it to squidward he had a GPA of 4.0) SiIvaGunner all of Jeb bush 2016 campaign staff Francisco Franco Robert f Kennedy jr Franklin D. Roosevelt Pewdiepie Jacksepticeye Bruno Powroznik Todd La Rue Carla Shaw Vladimir Lenin Boris Johnson Satan Josef Stalin Marisa Kirisami princess diana Jeremy Corbyn (Jezza) Pol Pot Isaac Newton The Trade Federation avatar Lee Jae Rin Phil Elverum alec baldwin cody ko Manny Heffley Greg Heffley Donkey Kong Sonya Blade Mei Ling Zhou Dan Liu Meeraia Patel Kyle Kirkland Zachary Kirkland Carlos Carlos Michael Jackson Leopold II of Belgium Erika Pedro de Alcântara Francisco António João Carlos Xavier de Paula Miguel Rafael Joaquim José Gonzaga Pascoal Cipriano Serafim (Pedro I of Brazil). Budd Dwyer Hiram McDaniels Bill Nye Lightning McQueen Cicholas “Chick” Hicks Lightning McQueen Korg Miek Crazy Dave Pepsiman Moe Lester Gordon Freeman wow_mao Dr Ludwig of the Team Fortress 2 teams (we don't know his full name, but know where he ended up) Dell Conagher Dio Joseph Stalin Adolf Hitler Benito Mussolini One Sexy Ass Nibba The Number E Phill from down the road Katsuki Bakugou [1]bEING Lordpingas1000 FeddyFoozbear
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2020.07.13 08:44 80sBernardBrother What else might have been on a 1990 or 1991 album if he released Off the Deep End before Teen Spirit?

For people who might not be as familiar with Al's history, after UHF initially bombed in the Summer of 1989 he took almost 3 years before releasing OTDE once Nirvana blew up in the beginning of '92 (what I consider to be the start of the real 90s).
As a result some of the songs like I can't watch this, The white stuff, and The plumbing song have that 1990 vibe. He was initially planning to do a third MJ parody (Snack All Night) too but thankfully reconsidered.
I feel like if he had bitten the bullet and released it in 90 or 91 it would've had a Paula Abdul and certainly a latter era hair metal parody like Warrant or Slaughter. Although it would've been awesome I'm still glad he waited and we got the one we got.
He would've absolutely been further stereotyped for "Writing songs about food" and doing Michael Jackson (i remember how much people said that when I was a kid, lol) and if the album had an 80s influence, it would have possibly flopped or seemed more dated.
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2020.06.02 00:54 vegansweetheart I really hate my ex-FP (aka ex best friend)

I have been through many FPs, (FP stands for favorite person and it's basically when you idolize a person and get really attached to them.) I've always had this problem since I was a little girl, I do not have a good relationship with my mom. My mom has been diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder, so then I ended up getting borline personality disorder because I lived in such invalidating environment. I went thru a lot of abuse in my childhood and I was bullied.
Anyways let's fast forward, I meant this lady online back in November of 2018 through the Paula Abdul fandom and got really close with her. I'm at Paula Abdul in October of 2018, and she is such a wonderful down-to-earth person. I talked to my ex-FP (let's call her Cat) about BPD in the beginning of our friendship, and she said she completely understands as she deals with depression. Well her other internet friends from the Paula Abdul fandom didn't like me and said I need to think positively for the mental illness to go away haha lol seriously I'm not kidding. In June of 2019 we had a falling out because she was not being understanding, I just needed to talk to someone about Father's day because I lost my father almost 10 years ago and I was feeling really sad. She made me feel like I was suicidal and she couldn't help me because she was not my therapist. I was not suicidal! I just wanted to talk because I felt really sad and was grieving around that time. She started getting really cold and distant, when in the beginning she said, "if you need to cling on to me, if it helps you, please do. I'm always here for you and if you want me to call you, I will. I will never give up on you because I don't give up on my friends that I love, you are my soulmate and best friend."
let's fast forward again, this is 2020 and I had to end the friendship because it started to get one-sided. She ended up saying that she took everything back and regret calling me her soulmate and her friend. That was a dagger in my heart, and she knew I had abandonment issues. She used to gas-light me a lot and made me feel worthless, made me feel like my mental health was a burden. When in the beginning she said it wasn't, and I should always come to her if I felt sad. Yes sometimes I would get extra clingy and get moody, but I would always snap back into reality. As I'm seeing a therapist and in a DBT group. Even my therapist says she was bad for me and said it's time for me to cut the friendship.
Well 3 weeks ago I caved in and emailed her to apologize for anything if I did to offend her, because I'm the type that will always apologize if I mess up. She never responded back and what was funny is when I ended the friendship with her via Facebook messenger a month prior, she said that she would always reply back if I need her again.
She never replied back. I normally don't hate, but I hate her guts and I hate feeling that way. I don't want to forgive her and everyone tells me you have to forgive, but I don't want to.
Has anyone gone through something like this? I feel like I've done something wrong and I feel cursed. I've always had a hard time making friends, and I know I'm not perfect nor do I intend to be. I've been doing the best I can and getting help so much with my therapist twice a week, and attending DBT group therapy. I've been attending DBT group therapy through zoom since the virus took over. Haven't seen my psychiatrist monthly and taking medication. I'm really trying to get my life together, but I still feel like it's all my fault.
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2020.05.04 19:44 The_Basileus5 To celebrate Jewish American Heritage Month, I decided to spotlight some contemporary Jewish artists!

Hi everyone! Right now in the United States, it's Jewish American Heritage Month. To celebrate, I decided to make a writeup spotlighting just a handful of the many notable Jewish artists, both big and small, from all over the music industry! I decided to focus this list on highlighting a few of the more contemporary artists who have had most or all of their success in the 21st century. This is because I feel as though the old guard of Jewish musical icons is already fairly well-known. I will however quickly list some of them at the end of the post in case you weren't aware of their Jewishness! I hope this list shines a light on Jewish artists and sparks a discussion about them!

The List:

P!nk (real name: Alecia Beth Moore): The RnB songstress turned pop-rock legend and ariel acrobat is arguably the most successful female Jewish artist of the 21st century! With fantastic longevity, she rose to prominence at the beginning of the century and is still experiencing success to this day. Though one would be forgiven for thinking she's Australian based on how enormous she is there, she was born and raised in Pennsylvania. Her family has roots in various Jewish communities across Eastern and Central Europe.
Adam Lambert: Born in Indiana and raised in San Diego, he rose to notoriety after finishing in second place on American Idol. Though not an industry mainstay at this point in his career, he's sold over 3 million albums and 5 million singles. With his second album, he became the first openly gay Jewish artist to top the Billboard 200. His family has roots in the Jewish community of Romania.
Troye Sivan: A second gay Jew in a row! (I feel so represented right now). Troye Sivan Mellet is an up-and-coming synth-pop artist who has experienced largescale success on this subreddit in the gay community and on club/dance charts. Born in Johannesburg, South Africa, and raised in Australia, this is the first person on our list who was raised in an Orthodox household! Troye even went to a private Modern Orthodox school for a time. His family has roots in the Jewish community of Lithuania.
Idina Menzel: That's right everyone, the person who sang that accursed Frozen song is Jewish /s. But besides invading every house with small kids in 2013, she's also a bonafide Broadway star (perhaps most notably for her role in Wicked as Elphaba) and a successful actress! Born and raised in New York, her family has roots in the Jewish community of Russia; where her grandparents emigrated from.
Mac Miller: Not to beat around the bush, most of us likely already remember who this is for deeply sad reasons. He died in 2018 of a tragic, accidental drug overdose. In life, however, he was a commercially successful, Grammy-nominated rapper and producer. Born and raised in Pittsburgh, he became involved in the local hip-hop scene at an early age. It's likely lesser-known that, despite attending a catholic elementary school for the sports opportunities there, he was indeed raised Jewish in line with his heritage.
Amy Winehouse: Continuing on a bit of a more somber note, our list brings us to a revolutionary young artist who tragically died from accidental alcohol poisoning. Before the aforementioned tragedy, she led a revival of jazz and soul reminiscent of 60s girl groups. Her sophomore album, Back To Black, was a critical and commercial blockbuster. Born and raised in North London, her family has roots in the Jewish communities of Russia and Poland.
Mark Ronson: Here we have a frequent Amy Winehouse collaborator and one of her fellow British Jews! Mark Ronson, born in West London but raised in NYC, is a critically acclaimed and Grammy-winning producer, DJ, and songwriter. Aside from his work with Amy Winehouse, you might know him for his hand in creating hits such as Uptown Funk and Shallow. This is the first artist on the list who was raised in Masorti Judaism, also known as Conservative Judaism in America (which has nothing to do with conservatism or conservative politics). His family has roots in the Jewish communities of Austria, Lithuania, and Russia.
Ezra Koenig: In case you don't recognize this name, he's the lead singer, writer, and guitarist of the popular, Grammy-winning indie-rock band Vampire Weekend. He's also a talk show host, a TV producer, and perhaps most notably to this sub, helped produce Beyonce's Lemonade. He was born in New York and raised in New Jersey. His family has roots in the Jewish communities of Hungary and Romania.
Drake: One of the most dominant forces in the business of texting teenage girls music, Drake is quite arguably the male artist of the decade for the 2010s. Having risen to new heights of commercial and cultural prominence in 2015 when his single Hotline Bling went viral, Drake has pretty much been the most successful man in rap/hip-hop/pop for years. He was born and raised in Toronto. His family has roots in Jewish communities across Eastern and Central Europe.
Jack Antonoff: This sure is one prolific artist. He's been involved in multiple successful bands, most notably the Bleachers and Fun; for whom he was the lead singer and guitarist/drummer respectively. He also spent the latter half of the 2010s as Taylor Swift's sidekick producer of choice! Not to mention his production work with Lana Del Rey, Carly Rae Jepsen, and Lorde. All of this hard work has netted him numerous awards, including four Grammys. Born and raised in New Jersey, his family has roots in the Jewish communities of Eastern Europe.
HAIM: Our last entry here is going out with a bang! HAIM is a critically-acclaimed pop-rock band made up of three proudly Jewish sisters from Los Angeles. Bursting into mainstream success in the early 2010s, these women haven't lost any steam as they plan to release their third studio album later this year. Born to a Jewish-Israeli father and a Jewish-American mother, their roots run deep with heritage from the Jewish communities of Eastern and Central Europe. Bonus fun Jewish fact: They nearly called their band "The Bagel Bitches."
As promised at the start, here's a brief list of some Jewish musical giants from the 20th century with specific geographic notes made of their heritage:
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2020.04.23 05:22 Arblos Let's Talk: Late 80s dance-pop

New wave is widely regarded to have run it's course around '84/'85. This is what took over afterwords. I think it started with Madonna. She took the sounds of the underground post-disco scene and made them mainstream (in fact, Madonna shared the stage with A Certain Ratio early on in her career). I think that Stock Aitken Waterman also played a role because they were doing the same thing as Madonna by making dance club music pop-friendly. SAW called their mixture of Hi-NRG, Italo-disco and Motown "Eurobeat".
Late 80's dance-pop is not as widely-regarded as the stuff from the new wave era. Acts like Milli Vanilli, Rick Astley, Samantha Fox, Paula Abdul, New Kids on the Block, Tiffany and Debbie Gibson were anathema to fans of alternative rock and gangsta rap. In fact, I am firmly convinced that the Milli Vanilli lip-synching scandal played a role in the rise of alt rock and gangsta rap. Hell, I think what happened with Milli Vanilli caused a backlash against dance-pop in general that lasted until the rise of the Spice Girls.
Any thoughts on this era?
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2020.04.19 02:42 EasternArmadilla So Tired of The Same Choreo from Millenium Dance Complex Monopoly. Ateez and SM Ent. Examples.

TD;LR: I am honestly really tired of the same-style choreography in kpop heavily influence by LA-based Millenium Dance Complex. I think it is so powerful that their model inspired 1Million Studios in many ways (as much as I love Lia Kim) . I have never been to either, so maybe I'm being biased but their dominance in the kpop choreography is making me a little uncomfortable. Sorry for so much text!
I personally come from a competitive popping and locking crowd, so never had a chance to mingle with people from MDC or more commercial choreography but as for 1Million, I think that some of Korean dancers from the same crowd get an amazing opportunity to make extra cash and also expose their talent through 1Million to a larger audience. In other words, I have been totally supporting 1Million since day 1. With all that talent, their reverence to MDC is strange.
However, their choreographers do travel to MDC a lot and, (as we can see from variety shows) some of those choreographers seem borderline in owe with the ones from MDC which, given their own immense amount of talent and also a wealth of creative inspiration in Korean dancing circles in general, is puzzling to me. That ends up influencing the kpop choreography. MDC owners and other key people have been c in the industry since NSYNC and Britney Spears (if not Paula Abdul times?!) world tours era but at this point their business and influence seems like a boring and outdated monopoly.
There was a variety show with Taemin, the NCT Jisung, Super Junior's Eunhyuk where they follow Lia Kim to MDC and everyone, including Lia Kim is like in owe with the famous vogue dancer (Brian Friedman and his high hills class) who instructs a class at the LA MDC's headquarters. The show's episodes sort of illustrates some of MDC quirks at its core:

  1. Upstaging all the dollar-paying students in the class for the sake of taking a good shot and scoring many views on youtube. That practice is just not genuine: again, would love any first-hand-experience(I just heard it from unconfirmed sources) but to me( it appears like what we see on camera where the audience is staring in awe at those impromptu dance sesh by "the best and the brightest" students of the class is actually an uncomfortable interruption of a class. That's just toxic if true & it frustrates me it spreads internationally, now all the way up to Seoul's dance studios! I'm sure idols don't see any of that but how frustrating for the overall community vibe!
  2. If you look at the actual, less popular on youtube, underground hip hop battles or competitions(heck, I've seen some videos filmed at a high school backyard where kids just enjoy the dance during lunch time), you'd see a much more impressive and innovative choreo that could have contributed more and cost less has the kpop performance directors or full-time in-house choreographers relied less on MDC.
  3. sAs we know, the Big 3 normally order segments of choreo from many different dancers, often employed by the MDC in some capacity, the in-house choreographers end up amalgamating those different pieces into 1 final product, adapting it for the kpop and an artist's style (an example Kasper and EXO guys at SM and the other, more senior choreographer, you may remember him from teaching Yoo Jae Sook how to dance like/with EXO in one of those funny Running Men episodes.)
  4. If you watch the recent kpop choreos and MDC videos simultaneously, you'd notice it's like the same stuff over and over with very little innovation or reflection of the current street culture they're trying to emulate.
  5. I'm pretty sure my opinion on MDC and its influence on kpop is pretty uninformed and shallow (mostly posting to learn more about it and fight my own ignorance on MDC if that's the case) but it's just I've been noticing these patterns and it really seems to me like a freaking unfair monopoly!
  6. The puzzling is, I see how it's very influential in the US and there are people from MDC who have been in charge of choreo production for the AMA's, Billboards, Grammys, major shows and artist tours etc since ages, but I do not understand why it has so much influence on kpop or why the kpop artists care so much like their the top God of Dance and they must get their approval. Even the new ones from more indie companies like Ateez have to cave to MDC's mediocrity and power! Will they not get invited on Good Morning, America or something if they do not collaborate, especially in the beginning of their exposure to the Western markets?
Here is my "case study" (Atinys, I like Ateez, especially Eden =) lol )):
Ateez and KQ have so much talent, they could have hired someone cheaper and more interesting like BTS did with "Black Swan"(BH found this Brazilian guy living in Europe with his small dance team on Instagram!). Does working with MDC provide that much benefit, really? It was impressive in Wonderland (the footwork is phenomenal!! formation changes were getting better, more camera work-adjusted), but I am getting tired of Anze's(the MDC choreographer who designs some of Ateez choreos, records a video, sends it in and the boys and their choreographers (BBtrippin guys) adapt it).
Things I've noticed that make me feel kind of pressed:
--formations' mess (it's hard to work on an even number of people in formations but at the same time more interesting for a choreographer. However, had it not been for some shows' camerawork, it oftentimes becomes digitally unsavable. The modern trend is to also create 'partial' formations(3 or 4 dancers dancing something intense while others are not in frame, like in BTS' "ON") to adopt to the changes in technology, a use of drone, complex camerawork etc),
--exaggerated overly masculine moves, hitting the whoa, soon-to-be-joint-retro exaggerated pelvic thrusts etc
--messy tutting and some messy popping, and other stuff. Although, to be fair wonderland was pretty good on many counts (we should consider that Ateez members' and in-house choreographer's input and "editing" of the initial version, though).
--Not to mention, the choreo doesn't even seem to be adapted to the demands of who's singing/rapping or getting ready to sing/rap adjusting for the breathing toll while those singers rest for a sec!
--I cannot even imagine how injury-prone (again, could have been adjusted by a choreographer to reduce the probability of getting injured, injured for the second time with exact same injury, etc there are methods!).

Again, love Ateez but I wish they realized they have more potential than people for whom they express so much admiration in their earlier Treasure shows (I wish they they worked with someone more caring like Rie Hata, not saying her choreo is necessarily covering all of those issues but she seems to be the kind of a "mentor-type" of a choreographer who cares. She is very busy though).
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2020.04.09 05:53 silver_tongued_devil [TOMT][MOVIE] radio DJ horror movie?

I swear in the late 80s-early 90s I saw a movie as a kid that was a horror movie with a radio DJ and a bunch of his girlfriends getting pulled into music videos. My brain thinks Paula Abdul and ICP were involved though Google isn't showing it. I feel like one lady was shrunk and never recovers.
Did this thing exist or did I dream it?
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    1. Record Store Day 2020 postponed until June (1393 points, 73 comments)
    2. [FRESH PERFORMANCE] Glass Animals (actually, only Dave) - Quarantine Covers. Episode 1. (surprise cover!) (1269 points, 44 comments)
    3. The National, Soccer Mommy Launching Campaigns To Support Tour Crew During Pandemic (1088 points, 52 comments)
    4. [FRESH VIDEO] Bright Eyes - Persona Non Grata (165 points, 12 comments)
    5. SXSW And Ultra Are Not Offering Refunds After Coronavirus Cancellations (161 points, 46 comments)
    6. Coronavirus outbreak prompts musicians and companies to pull out of SXSW (153 points, 24 comments)
    7. Tame Impala team up with REVERB to make their tour more environmentally friendly (78 points, 11 comments)
    8. [FRESH VIDEO] Glass Animals - Your Love (Déjà Vu) (78 points, 1 comment)
    9. [FRESH VIDEO] Perfume Genius - Otherside (78 points, 5 comments)
    10. How Coronavirus Festival Cancellations Impact Touring Artists (62 points, 15 comments)
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    1. Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne Dies of Coronavirus Complications at 52 (2476 points, 177 comments)
    2. John Prine Hospitalized In Critical Condition With COVID-19 Symptoms (1758 points, 123 comments)
    3. Quelle Chris announces new album 'Innocent Country 2' with Chris Keys, with features from Earl Sweatshirt, Tune-Yards’ Merrill Garbus, billy woods, and more, out 4/24 (137 points, 13 comments)
    4. Everything In Its Right Place: How a Perfect 10.0 Review of Radiohead’s ‘Kid A’ Changed Music Criticism 20 Years Ago (129 points, 21 comments)
    5. Moses Sumney’s World of Possibilities (38 points, 0 comments)
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    10. Caroline Rose Talks New Album 'Superstar' & Our "Sadistic" Wish To See Celebrities Fall From Grace (24 points, 1 comment)
  5. 4624 points, 1 submission: Dogs-Keep-Me-Going
    1. Today marks one year since UK duo, “Her’s”, were involved in a fatal head-on collision while touring in the U.S. – it killed Stephen Fitzpatrick, Audun Laading, and their tour manager, Trevor Engelbrektson. R.I.P. lads. We miss you. (4624 points, 175 comments)
  6. 3778 points, 1 submission: jacktiggs
    1. If you live in AL, AR, CA, CO, MA, ME, MN, NC, OK, TN, TX, UT, VA, or VT: VOTE TODAY! THERE IS NOTHING MORE INDIE THAN MAKING YOUR VOICE HEARD! (3778 points, 0 comments)
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    1. The Noise Made By People Turns 20 (489 points, 49 comments)
    2. How Hop Along's Frances Quinlan Reinvented Herself (417 points, 37 comments)
    3. Death Cab's 'We Have The Facts And We're Voting Yes' Turns 20 (295 points, 24 comments)
    4. LCD Soundsystem’s Gavilán Rayna Russom Launching Label, Announces New Album (180 points, 0 comments)
    5. Deafheaven releasing 10th anniversary live album to make up for coronavirus cancellation (155 points, 6 comments)
    6. New York bans gatherings of 500 or more people due to coronavirus (116 points, 40 comments)
    7. How Katie Crutchfield Got Sober And Made Waxahatchee’s Best Album (112 points, 6 comments)
    8. He’d Always Been Thundercat, Whether He Knew It or Not (110 points, 6 comments)
    9. Titus Andronicus’ The Monitor Turns 10 (94 points, 14 comments)
    10. Margo Price Announces New Album Produced by Sturgill Simpson (86 points, 9 comments)
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    1. Gorillaz' 'Plastic Beach' Turns 10 (3225 points, 224 comments)
  9. 2986 points, 1 submission: FauntleroySampedro
    1. John Prine is now in stable condition from COVID-19 (2986 points, 103 comments)
  10. 2858 points, 2 submissions: evanFFTF
    1. Musicians ask Spotify to triple payments to cover lost concert revenue (2835 points, 179 comments)
    2. Don Giovanni Records is throwing an all day online music fest on instagram starting at 1pm today with Downtown Boys, Bad Moves, Screaming Females, Evan Greer, Painted Zeros, + more (23 points, 1 comment)
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    1. 100 gecs AMA (2851 points, 1135 comments)
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    1. Wilco and Sleater-Kinney announce co-headlining North American tour (742 points, 71 comments)
    2. [FRESH ALBUM] Phantogram - Ceremony (186 points, 30 comments)
    3. [FRESH ALBUM] Little Dragon - New Me, Same Us (138 points, 8 comments)
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    6. [FRESH ALBUM] Vundabar - Either Light (59 points, 8 comments)
    7. [FRESH] Hamilton Leithauser - Don't Check the Score (59 points, 3 comments)
    8. Westerman announces debut album 'Your Hero is Not Dead' (out June 5th via Partisan) (58 points, 6 comments)
    9. Dry Cleaning sign to 4AD (57 points, 8 comments)
    10. [FRESH ALBUM] Empty Country (ex-Cymbals Eat Guitars) - Empty Country (54 points, 10 comments)
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    1. [FRESH] STRFKR - Deep Dream (590 points, 27 comments)
    2. [FRESH VIDEO] Yaeji - WHAT WE DREW 우리가 그려왔던 (153 points, 10 comments)
    3. [FRESH] Chicano Batman - Pink Elephant (78 points, 4 comments)
    4. [FRESH] Deerhoof - The Loved One (74 points, 6 comments)
    5. [FRESH ALBUM] Pantha Du Prince - Conference of Trees (72 points, 8 comments)
    6. [FRESH] ・ ・-・ ・- ・・・ ・ -・・ - -・-・ --- ・-・・ --- ・・- ・-・ ・・-・ ・・ ・ ・-・・ -・・ ・・・ (68 points, 30 comments)
    7. [FRESH] Jerry Paper - Puppeteer (63 points, 10 comments)
    8. [FRESH] Diet Cig - Thriving (54 points, 4 comments)
    9. [FRESH PERFORMANCE] Little Dragon - Another Lover A COLORS SHOW (53 points, 7 comments)
    10. [FRESH] jennylee - I’m So Tired (Fugazi cover) (50 points, 4 comments)
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    1. Moog and Korg Release Synthesizer Apps for Free Amid Social Distancing (2062 points, 75 comments)
    2. Mike Skinner teases a collaboration between the Streets and Tame Impala (217 points, 25 comments)
    3. Yves Tumor announces new single "Kerosene!" to be released tomorrow at 9:30am PST (125 points, 10 comments)
    4. [FRESH ALBUM] Dean Blunt - Stalker (30 points, 7 comments)
  15. 2292 points, 2 submissions: anemotoad
    1. YSK: Today Bandcamp is waiving all fees on purchases, meaning 100% of the money spent on releases goes straight to the artist (2254 points, 166 comments)
    2. Tres Warren of Psychic Ills (Sacred Bones) has passed away (38 points, 2 comments)
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    1. Arctic Monkeys' Matt Helders says playing older songs feels like "karaoke" (1570 points, 202 comments)
    2. Dream Wife to release first new track from second album next week (140 points, 14 comments)
    3. IDLES' 'Welcome' EP is now back on streaming services (112 points, 11 comments)
    4. In The Studio: Fontaines DC (March 2020 interview) (76 points, 6 comments)
    5. Sundara Karma confirm "new music coming soon" (35 points, 10 comments)
    6. The 1975 are releasing 'Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America' on Friday (28 points, 15 comments)
    7. [FRESH VIDEO] Enter Shikari - { The Dreamer's Hotel } (23 points, 7 comments)
    8. Manic Street Preachers on their "expansive" new album and James Dean Bradfield's "electric" new solo record (22 points, 0 comments)
    9. [FRESH] PVRIS - Dead Weight (22 points, 1 comment)
    10. [FRESH] Dream Wife - Sports! (12 points, 1 comment)
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    1. [FRESH ALBUM] R.A.P. Ferreira - Purple Moonlight Pages (196 points, 38 comments)
    2. In lieu of concert cancellations, Code Orange announce Empty Venue Live Stream Event on March 14th at 9pm EST on twitch (138 points, 5 comments)
    3. [FRESH ALBUM] Code Orange - Underneath (108 points, 20 comments)
    4. [FRESH VIDEO] Tropical Fuck Storm - Suburbiopia (108 points, 19 comments)
    5. Purity Ring to release "Pink Lightning" on March 18th at 11am pst (100 points, 6 comments)
    6. New Music Friday: March 20th, 2020 (96 points, 33 comments)
    7. [ALBUM DISCUSSION] U.S. Girls - Heavy Light (88 points, 25 comments)
    8. New Music Friday: March 6th, 2020 (67 points, 13 comments)
    9. [ALBUM DISCUSSION] Caroline Rose - Superstar (62 points, 21 comments)
    10. [ALBUM DISCUSSION] Four Tet - Sixteen Oceans (62 points, 22 comments)
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    1. Tame Impala takes #1 in Triple J's Hottest 100 of the Decade (1944 points, 143 comments)
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    1. Hi. This is Daniel, from the band Joywave. Our new record, Possession, is out right now. AMA! (1924 points, 409 comments)
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    1. POST ANIMAL AMA (1782 points, 389 comments)
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    1. [FRESH CHART] New Alternative 40 - March 29, 2020 - BRIGHT EYES enters the chart at #1 with "Persona Non Grata". CAR SEAT HEADREST and DIRTY PROJECTORS debut in the top 10, while new tracks from SQUID, BENJAMIN GIBBARD, TOPS, MUZZ, and DEERHOOF make the top 20. (718 points, 46 comments)
    2. [FRESH CHART] New Alternative 40 - March 8, 2020 - HAIM debuts at #1 with "The Steps" edging out PHOEBE BRIDGERS and PERFUME GENIUS. EMPRESS OF and DIRTY PROJECTORS also enter in the top 10. (518 points, 46 comments)
    3. [FRESH CHART] New Alternative 40 - March 22, 2020 - THE KILLERS' "Caution" advances to #1, followed closely by new tracks from PERFUME GENIUS, THUNDERCAT, WAXAHATCHEE, PURITY RING, and THE AVALANCHES. WALLOWS also debuts in the top 10. (422 points, 54 comments)
    4. [FRESH CHART] New Alternative 40 - March 15, 2020 - HAIM spends a 2nd week at #1 while holding off a trio of strong debuts from THE KILLERS, YVES TUMOR, and YAEJI. FLUME FT. TORO Y MOI and PROTOMARTYR also debut in the top 10. (63 points, 11 comments)
  22. 1672 points, 1 submission: PearlSquared
    1. Protomartyr to play Bernie Sanders rally in Detroit (1672 points, 120 comments)
  23. 1336 points, 1 submission: Izcanbeguscott
    1. You Do It To Yourself: Radiohead's "The Bends" turns 25 (1336 points, 148 comments)
  24. 1330 points, 1 submission: martintorov
    1. Fiona Apple reveals her new album is finished (1330 points, 64 comments)
  25. 1183 points, 4 submissions: Yoooooouuuuuuuu
    1. Jamie xx and The Avalanches announce rave in Sydney March 14th in support of cutting carbon emissions (873 points, 63 comments)
    2. JPEGMAFIA talks with Orville Peck over a game of Smash Bros (209 points, 19 comments)
    3. Julien Baker will perform a livestream concert on Instagram today at 6 PM EST (60 points, 6 comments)
    4. Primavera Sound delayed to August (41 points, 12 comments)

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  2. Today marks one year since UK duo, “Her’s”, were involved in a fatal head-on collision while touring in the U.S. – it killed Stephen Fitzpatrick, Audun Laading, and their tour manager, Trevor Engelbrektson. R.I.P. lads. We miss you. by Dogs-Keep-Me-Going (4624 points, 175 comments)
  3. If you live in AL, AR, CA, CO, MA, ME, MN, NC, OK, TN, TX, UT, VA, or VT: VOTE TODAY! THERE IS NOTHING MORE INDIE THAN MAKING YOUR VOICE HEARD! by jacktiggs (3778 points, 0 comments)
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  9. Adam Schlesinger of Fountains of Wayne Dies of Coronavirus Complications at 52 by ReconEG (2476 points, 177 comments)
  10. YSK: Today Bandcamp is waiving all fees on purchases, meaning 100% of the money spent on releases goes straight to the artist by anemotoad (2254 points, 166 comments)

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Swae Lee – ROXANNE [Remix] [Dirty] 11B 88 Armin Van Buuren – Let The Music Guide You [ASOT 950 Anthem] [Beatsole Extended Remix] 1A 130 Armin Van Buuren – Let The Music Guide You [ASOT 950 Anthem] [PROFF Extended Remix] 1A 124 Armin Van Buuren – Let The Music Guide You [ASOT 950 Anthem] [Tempo Giusto Extended Remix] 1A 135 Armin Van Buuren – Let The Music Guide You [ASOT 950 Anthem] [WAIO Extended Remix] 1A 140 Armin Van Buuren, HALIENE – Song I Sing [Will Sparks Extended Remix] 8A 130 Armin Van Buuren, Matluck – Don’t Let Me Go [Lucas & Steve Extended Remix] 9A 128 Armin Van Buuren, Sam Martin – Miles Away [Avian Grays Extended Remix] 4A 128 Armin Van Buuren, Tempo Giusto – Mr. Navigator [Sevenn Extended Remix] 2A 126 A-Trak x DJ Zinc – Like The Dancefloor [Ah Yeahh x DJ Sol Remix] [Isaac Jordan Edit] 2A 110 Avaxx – Ambush [Original Club Mix] 6A 124 Baha Men – Who Let The Dogs Out [Jayy 2K20 Remix] [Radio Edit] 6A 145 Baha Men – Who Let The Dogs Out [Jayy 2K20 Remix] 6A 145 Barbur – Modular [Ben Teufel Remix] 9A 130 Barbur – Modular [Ben Teufel Remix] 9A 130 Ben Mos – Ipnotic Mind [Original Club Mix] 9A 125 Benny Blanco, Halsey & Khalid – Eastside [Finnet Remix] 11A 90 Billie Jo – Ravenous [Man Power’S Mpx Remix] 8A 132 Black Loops – The Point [Emanuel Satie Remix] 12A 123 Blinkie – Don’t Give Up On Love [MOSE UK Remix] 1B 126 BODE, Tanya Lacey – Missing [VIP Mix] [Hot Tracks Remix] 2A 125 BOHO, Rachel Raw – The Happening [Mr. Bizz Remix] 6A 124 Bonka FT. The Romantic Era – All Your Love [Ellipso Remix Extended] 3A 128 Bonka FT. The Romantic Era – All Your Love [Ellipso Remix Extended] 3A 128 Bonka FT. The Romantic Era – All Your Love [Ellipso Remix] 3A 128 Bonka FT. The Romantic Era – All Your Love [Ellipso Remix] 3A 128 Bono BaDJa & Chris Odd – Dance [Club Mix] 6A 128 Bono BaDJa & Chris Odd – Dance [Club Mix] 6A 128 Boogie Hill Faders x Allman Brothers Band – Midnight Rider [Remix] [Clean] 7A 95 Boogie Hill Faders x Creedence Clearwater Revival – Born On The Bayou [Remix] [Clean] 9A 114 Boogie Hill Faders x Darude & Hyper Crush – Werk Me Sandstorm [Remix] [Clean] 9A 128 Boogie Hill Faders x Darude & Hyper Crush – Werk Me Sandstorm [Remix] [Dirty] 9A 128 Boogie Hill Faders x Peter Gabriel – Big Time 2K20 [Remix] [Club Extended] [Clean] 1A 120 Boogie Hill Faders x Westside Connection Vs. Ying Yang Twins – Bow Down Centipede [Remix] [Clean] 9A 106 Breach – Jack [Haechi 2K20 Remix] 6A 124 Bunce – Downstrong – Myles Club Edit 1A 125 C&C Music Factory – Gonna Make You Sweat [Vocal Club Mix] 3A 113 Cali Flow Latino – Ras Tas Tas [8 Bar Intro Grizart Getoutdaway Re-Fix] 7A 94 Calvin Harris FT. Florence Welch – Sweet Nothing [Diplo Remix] [HH Clean Intro] 1A 70 Calvin Harris FT. Florence Welch – Sweet Nothing [Diplo Remix] [HH Clean Short] 1A 70 Calvin Harris FT. Florence Welch – Sweet Nothing [Diplo Remix] 1A 70 Cameo – Word Up [7 Inch Remix] 11A 116 Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe [DJ Mike D Remix] [Intro] 9B 124 Carly Rae Jepsen – Call Me Maybe [DJ Mike D Remix] 9B 124 Casey Spillman – Avec Moi [Enzo Siragusa Remix] 8A 127 Cassy – All I Do [Ron Bacardi Remix] 5A 126 Celia Cruz Y Johnny Pacheco – Quimbara [8 Bar Intro Grizart Super Re-Fix] 9A 122 Chel Maya – Game Over [Remix] [DJ Nino Mix] 4A 102 Claude VonStroke – Who’s Afraid Of Detroit! [Marc Houle Remix] 4A 125 CLIPSE x KAYTRANADA – When The Last Time [Dirty-DJ Pump Re-Fix] 9A 100 CRaymak, Saint Yves – I’d Do It Again [Lost In Beijing Remix] 1A 140 CYMN – Do That [Evan Allen Remix] 4A 128 CYMN – Do That [Steji Remix] 3A 130 Daft Punk – Robot Rock [Soulwax Remix] 10B 121 Danceboy – Take Me Away [Mr.Cheez 2K20 Remix] 6A 135 Davina Moss – Guapo [Wyatt Marshall Remix] 6A 127 Dennis Cruz – Freaks [Joeski Remix] 8A 125 Digitalism – Idealistic [A-Trak Remix] 6A 129 Dillon Francis – DFR [Beauty Brain Remix] 2A 128 Dillon Francis – DFR [Black Caviar Remix] 2A 124 Dillon Francis – DFR [Shndō Remix] 2A 128 Dillon Francis – GO OFF [Nuthin’ 2 It] [King Arthur & Kevin Aleksander Remix] 6A 123 Dillon Francis – GO OFF [Nuthin’ 2 It] [VIP] 6A 123 Dimmish, Toman – Riddle [Toman Remix] 9A 127 Disclosure – When A Fire Starts To Burn [Mauro Solana Remix v.2] 10A 126 Disco Fries, Mister AC, Rozee – Beat Of Your Heart [Landis Remix] 6A 126 Disco Fries, Mister AC, Rozee – Beat Of Your Heart [Oli Harper Remix] 11B 128 Disco Fries, Mister AC, Rozee – Beat Of Your Heart [VIVID Remix] 11B 128 DJ Nelson S x Lady Gaga – Stupid Love [Liam Pfeifer Remix] [Clean] 6B 122 DJ Nelson S x Mabel – Boyfriend [Jacked Remix] [Clean] 10A 126 DJ Sequel x Bow Wow – Let Me Hold You [Drum Re-Fix] [Radio Edit] [Clean] 3A 104 DJ Sequel x B-Witched – Cest La Vie [Drum Re-Fix] [Radio Edit] [Clean] 9A 110 DJ Sequel x S Club 7 – Don’t Stop Movin [Drum Re-Fix] [Radio Edit] [Clean] 6A 119 DJ Sequel x Shakira – Whenever Wherever [Drum Re-Fix] [Radio Edit] [Clean] 1A 110 DJ Sequel x Will Smith – Friend Like Me [Drum Re-Fix] [Radio Edit] [Clean] 7A 98 DJ Snake, Sean Paul, Anitta – FT. Tainy – Fuego [Remix] [DJ Nino Mix] 1A 105 DJ Surda x Bomfunk MC’s – Freestyler [Shnaps & Kolya Funk Remix] [Dirty] 9A 141 DJ Surda x Kayla Nicole – Move Like A Snake [Remix] [Clean] 3A 100 DJ Surda x Kayla Nicole – Move Like A Snake [Remix] [Dirty] 3A 100 DJ Surda x Kayla Nicole – Move Like A Snake [Remix] [Extended] [Clean] 3A 100 DJ Surda x Kayla Nicole – Move Like A Snake [Remix] [Extended] [Dirty] 3A 100 DJ Surda x Lady Gaga – Stupid Love [STEEL Extended Remix] [Clean] 5B 124 DJ Surda x Lady Gaga – Stupid Love [STEEL Remix] [Clean] 5B 124 DJ Surda x Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough [JSquared Re-Work] [Clean] 1B 120 DJ Surda x Robin S. – Show Me Love [DJ Nick White Remix] [Clean] 2A 124 DJ Surda x Simon Fava & Yvvan Back – Trumpets [Club Mix] [Clean] 4A 125 DJ Surda x Sister Sledge – Lost In Music [Dimitri From Paris Remix – 2K18 Remaster] [Clean] 7A 124 DJ Surda x The Killers – Somebody Told Me [Mylo Remix] [Clean] 3A 138 DJ Surda x Willy William – Ego [Club Edit] [Clean] 3A 100 DJ Yus & Chacal – Siguete Moviendo [Remix – PO Clean Edit] 5A 100 Dlg – Juliana [8 Bar Intro Grizart Fiesta Break Re-Fix] 8A 94 Dombresky – Trust The Process [Ben Hemsley Remix] 9A 126 Dombresky – Trust The Process [Boston Bun Remix] 8A 126 Dombresky – Trust The Process [Lucati Remix] 3A 126 Dua Lipa – Don’t Start Now [Ranny Remix] 10A 126 Dubdogz, Bhaskar – Infinity [Neubauer Remix] 8A 124 Duke Dumont – Therapy [Will Easton Remix] 9A 126 Eddie Palmieri – Vamonos Pa’l Monte [8 Bar Intro 97-120 Grizart Super Re-Fix] 6A 116 Edgar Orn – One Time [Original Club Mix] 4A 125 Ejeca – Ekstac [Club Mix] 10A 125 El Gran Combo – Ojos Chinos [8 Bar Intro Grizart Super Re-Fix] 4A 94 Emil & Friends – Royal Oats [Dubka Remix] 11A 122 Emil & Friends – Royal Oats [DVNO Remix] 12B 120 Emil & Friends – Royal Oats [Radial Remix] 12B 124 Fairmont – Deceive Me [Fur Coat Remix] 5A 124 Faruk Khaledi – Pure [DJ Geri Remix] 2A 122 Flex – Me Enamore De Ti [Remix] [DJ Nino Mix] 3B 90 Florence & The Machine – Queen Of Peace [Ranny Remix] 4A 128 Fort Arkansas – The Deep End [Original Club Mix] 10A 123 Francesca Lombardo – Call Me Wrong [808 State Remix] 8A 123 Francesca Lombardo – Call Me Wrong [Francesca Lombardo’s Into The Night Remix] 10A 128 Francesca Lombardo – Call Me Wrong [The Orb’s It’s Okay Not To Be Okay Remix] 9A 123 Fruko Y Sus Tesos – El Preso [8 Bar Intro Grizart Super Re-Fix] 6A 105 Future, Drake, DaBaby, & Lil Baby – Life Is Good [Remix] 9A 142 Gang Starr, Redman, & Method Man – Bad Name [Remix] 1A 96 Goondocks – I Want You [Original Club Mix] 8A 120 HardNox – ‘Banjo!’ [Cowboy Troy Remix] Clean 9B 120 Hot Chip – How Do You Do [James Zabiela Remix] 11B 123 Hot Chip – How Do You Do [Ossie Remix] 12A 125 Hot Chip – How Do You Do [Todd Terje Remix] 10A 120 Hot Chip – Night & Day [Dusky Remix] 8A 126 Human League – Human [8 Bar Intro Grizart Drum Roll Re-Fix] 4B 101 Imagine Dragons – Radioactive [Hip-Hop MMP Re-Fix] 10A 137 J Balvin – Rojo [Bruno Torres Remix] 2B 100 Jack Harlow – WHATS POPPIN – BRECN Remix [Clean] 7A 85 Jack Harlow – WHATS POPPIN – BRECN Remix [Dirty] 7A 85 Janet Jackson – Come Back To Me [Candler Road Remix] 1A 155 Jay Wheeler FT. Brytiago – Sin Ti [Remix] 10A 85 Jay-Z – Hard Knock Life [Remix Intro Radio] 9A 90 Jay-Z – Hard Knock Life [Remix Radio] 9A 90 Jenaux, Harlee – So Alive [VIP Mix] 1A 119 Joey Arroyo – La Rebelion [8 Bar Intro Grizart Super Re-Fix] 1A 106 Jonas Blue & Paloma Faith – Mistakes – Colin Jay Remix [Clean] 12B 124 Jonas Blue & Paloma Faith – Mistakes – Colin Jay Remix 12B 124 Josh Wink, Lil’ Louis – How’s Your Evening So Far [Chris Lake Extended Remix] 11A 126 Jr Loppez – Go! – Reys & Chris Salgado Remix 1A 130 Jupiter – Juicy Lucy [Needs A Boogieman] [Little Boots Remix] 5A 120 Jupiter – Juicy Lucy [Needs A Boogieman] [Punks Jump Up Remix] 5A 119 Jupiter – Juicy Lucy [Needs A Boogieman] [Zimmer Remix] 5A 124 Justin Pak, The Willers Brothers – Back Route [The Willers Brothers Remix] 1A 126 Justin Timberlake FT. Timbaland – SexyBack [lvusm Remix] [Dirty] 2A 104 Kalimete FT. Fulanito – Sueltala [Remix] 11A 132 Kanye West x Lil Pump – I Love It [RIFFA Remix] 6A 124 Kaskade – 1990 [Freak On Remix] 11A 128 Kayla Nicole FT. Missy Elliott – Move Like A Snake [Remix] [Clean] 3A 100 Kayla Nicole FT. Missy Elliott – Move Like A Snake [Remix] [Dirty] 3A 100 Kayla Nicole FT. Missy Elliott – Move Like A Snake [Remix] [Intro Clean] 3A 100 Kayla Nicole FT. Missy Elliott – Move Like A Snake [Remix] [Intro Dirty] 3A 100 Kayzo, Alex Gaskarth – Up In Flames [Carbin Remix] 2A 150 Kevin Sihwan – Got That [Original Club Mix] 11A 125 Kinobe – Firebird [Sebastian Zara Remix] 8A 122 Koffee – Toast [AVI S & SISH Remix] [Dirty] 4A 98 Koffee – Toast [Jabair Remix] [HH Clean Intro] 3A 125 Koffee – Toast [Jabair Remix] [HH Clean Short] 3A 125 Kool & The Gang – Celebration [Softmal Remix] [Original Mix] 4B 122 Kyle Watson, Apple Gule – I Got You [Keanu Silva Extended Remix] 4A 126 Laura Temple – Feel My Love [VIP Dub Mix] 4A 126 Laura Temple – Feel My Love [VIP Mix] 4A 126 Lex, Wood – Buzzed [Lubelski Remix] 6A 122 Liam Payne & Cheat Codes – Live Forever [R3hab Remix] [Clean Extended] 9A 103 Liam Payne & Cheat Codes – Live Forever [R3hab Remix] [Clean Radio Edit] 9A 103 LNY TNZ, Da Tweekaz, The Kemist – We Made It [Darren Styles Extended Remix] 4A 160 Los Adolescentes – Persona Ideal [8 Bar Intro Grizart Super Re-Fix] 7A 127 Luuk Van Dijk – Suavo [Sidney Charles Remix] 8A 127 Mahmut Orhan, Colonel Bagshot – 6 Days [MalYar & Beat Boy Remix] 8A 122 Manuel De Lorenzi, Dimmish – Bermuda [Javier Carballo Remix] 2A 130 Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch – Good Vibrations [Trilogy Remix] [Original Mix] 4B 130 Martin Garrix, Dean Lewis – Used To Love [Hot Tracks Remix] 12B 119 Martin Noiserz – This Is Martin [Original Club Mix] 9A 126 Martin Solveig, Roy Woods – Juliet & Romeo [Joy Club Remix] 12A 122 Marvin Santiago – Fuego A La Jicotea [8 Bar Intro Grizart Super Re-Fix] 7A 103 Marvin Santiago – Vasos De Colores [8 Bar Intro Grizart Super Re-Fix] 9B 104 Mary J Blige – You Remind Me [Ad’s Remix] [Clean] 9A 94 Mary J Blige – You Remind Me [Bentley’s Remix] 8A 94 Mary J Blige – You Remind Me [Daddy Hip-Hop Remix] [No Rap] 8A 95 Mary J Blige – You Remind Me [Daddy Hip-Hop Remix] 8A 95 Mary J Blige – You Remind Me [Jazz Remix] 8A 109 Mason – Exceeder [UMEK & Mike Vale Edit Remix] 3A 126 Max Chapman – Get Freaky [Leftwing & Kody Remix] 4A 124 Max Jacobson – Shambles [Archie Hamilton Remix] 2A 126 Midnight Daddies – Hold Me Down [Original Club Mix] 8A 126 Midnight Kids, Matthew Koma – Serious [CAZZETTE Remix] 1B 120 Midnight Kids, Matthew Koma – Serious [TWO LANES Remix] 12A 95 Miguel – Adorn [Sat-One Remix] 4B 90 Milk & Sugar, Roland Clark – Need You In My Life [Superlover Extended Remix] 8B 122 Mirror People – Kaleidoscope [Xinobi Remix] 11A 121 Misha B – Do You Think Of Me [Benny Page Remix] 7A 88 Misha B – Do You Think Of Me [Jamie Grind Remix] 7A 128 Missy Elliott – She’s A Bitch [Blaze 2000 Remix] [Club] 6A 126 MK – Somebody New [MK’s Edit Club Mix] 3A 120 MK & Sonny Fodera – One Night [Luke Hepworth Remix] 10A 128 Moon Boots, Steven Klavier – Tied Up [Kenny Dope Extended Remix] 4A 124 Moon Boots, Steven Klavier – Tied Up [Mat Zo Extended Remix] 11A 125 Moullinex – Take My Pain Away [DJ Steef Remix] 5A 113 Moullinex – Take My Pain Away [Gigamesh Remix] 5A 122 Moullinex – Take My Pain Away [Rory Phillips Remix] 5A 113 Moullinex – Take My Pain Away [Strip Steve Remix] 5A 125 Myon, Icon – Cold Summer [Allovers Remix] 6A 120 Myon, Icon – Cold Summer [Dash Berlin Remix] 6A 128 Myon, Icon – Cold Summer [LTN Sunrise Remix] 6A 118 Myon, Icon – Cold Summer [Sean Darin Remix] 6B 146 Ne-Yo FT. French Montana – Let Me Love You Remix [Clean] 8B 125 NicoRozas & Leo Rios – Idem – Ghunter Beats Vs. Myles Club Edit 4A 125 N’Klabe FT. La Tribu De Abrante – Pa’lante Y Pa’tras [Remix] 9B 114 No-One, Derric – The Night [Original Club Mix] 7A 128 Nora En Pure FT. Ashibah – We Found Love [Nora En Pure & Passenger 10 Remix] [Extended Mix] 11A 122 Now O Later – Feel The Rain [Original Club Mix] 8A 124 Orquesta Colon – Pedro Simon [8 Bar Intro Grizart Super Re-Fix] 2A 83 PartyNextDoor, Drake, & Bad Bunny – Loyal [Remix] 5A 144 Paula Abdul – Straight Up [12 Inch Remix] 7A 95 Perm – Pha [Skudge Remix] 8B 128 Porter Robinson, Madeon – Shelter [RetroVision Remix] 6B 128 Private – Crucify My Heart [Deeper People Remix] 2A 128 R3hab – All Comes Back To You [LaCrème Remix – Extended Version] 12B 126 Raze – Break 4 Love [BK298 Remix] 5A 130 Raze – Break 4 Love [Child Of The 90’s Remix] 5A 130 Raze – Break 4 Love [Rob Made Disco Remix] 5A 123 Regard – Ride It [James Hype VIP] 2A 123 Rhymos – Agent Provocateur [Ben Rau Remix] 5A 125 Ricardo Reyna – Voices [DJ Toto Remix] 10A 128 Rick Ross FT. Gunplay, French Montana, Yo Gotti, Lil Wayne – Hold Me Back Remix [Clean] 2A 126 Rick Ross FT. Gunplay, French Montana, Yo Gotti, Lil Wayne – Hold Me Back Remix [Dirty] 2A 126 Ricky Martin – Tiburones [DJ C Bachata Remix] 7A 108 Rita Ora – Shine Ya Light [Dannic Club Mix] 12B 128 Rita Ora – Shine Ya Light [Gregor Salto Remix] 9A 128 Riton, Oliver Helens, Vula – Turn Me On [Hot Tracks Remix] 3A 124 RJ FT. YG & Nipsey Hussle – Ride With Me [Remix] [Dirty] 1A 98 RJ FT. YG & Nipsey Hussle – Ride With Me [Remix] [DJ Rukus Intro Edit] [Dirty] 1A 98 Robbie Williams – Candy [Major Look Remix] 8A 88 Robbie Williams – Candy [Max Sanna & Steve Pitron Club Mix] 6A 123 Robosonic & EPMD – For The People [Sonny Fodera Remix] 9A 124 Roddy Ricch & Messiah – The Box [Spanish Remix] 3A 117 Rowlanz, Miroloja – Totally Lazy [Rossko Remix] 8A 128 Sam Keen – Free Love [Club Mix] 10A 127 Sech FT. Various Artists – Quizas [Dave Aguilar Salsa Remix] 4A 93 Selena Gomez – Feel Me – Sonic Motivation Remix 6A 101 Serani – No Games – DaTwerQ Remix 8A 105 Sharam Jey – Like Nobody Does [Andre Crom Remix] 4A 118 Sigala, Becky Hill – Wish You Well [Hot Tracks Remix] 4A 125 Silverland – Someone Like You [Club Mix] 5A 100 Silverland – Someone Like You [Club Mix] 5A 100

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2020.03.05 07:10 RemixBeat Club Killers [04-March-2020]

Adam Brand – Freakin’ Weekend [Clean] 9A 85 Andruss & Dmitri Saidi – Everybody Dance Now [Original Mix] Dirty 1A 125 Andruss & Dmitri Saidi – Everybody Dance Now [Original Mix] Dirty JD Live Cut 1A 125 Avenue Beat – Ruin That For Me [Clean] 2B 115 Ben Rau & Jansons – The Player [Original Mix] Clean 8A 126 Ben Rau & Jansons – The Player [Original Mix] Clean JD Live Cut 8A 126 Bingo Players, Zombie Nation – Rattle Vs. Kernkraft 400 [CRG Edit] Clean 3A 140 Bingo Players, Zombie Nation – Rattle Vs. Kernkraft 400 [CRG Edit] Clean Jersey Club Only 3A 140 Bingo Players, Zombie Nation – Rattle Vs. Kernkraft 400 [CRG Edit] Clean Trap Only 3A 140 Bingo Players, Zombie Nation – Rattle Vs. Kernkraft 400 [CRG ‘Face Down Ass Up’ Edit] Dirty 3A 140 Bingo Players, Zombie Nation – Rattle Vs. Kernkraft 400 [CRG ‘Face Down Ass Up’ Edit] Dirty Jersey Club Only 3A 140 Bingo Players, Zombie Nation – Rattle Vs. Kernkraft 400 [CRG ‘Face Down Ass Up’ Edit] Dirty Trap Only 3A 140 Blue Foundation & Michael Bibi – Eyes On Fire [Michael Bibi Remix] Clean 2A 128 Blue Foundation & Michael Bibi – Eyes On Fire [Michael Bibi Remix] Clean CK Cut 1A 128 Brantley Gilbert – Bottoms Up [Naked Cowboy Club Mix] Clean 9A 85 Brantley Gilbert – Bottoms Up [Naked Cowboy Club Mix] Clean CK Cut 9B 85 Breland – My Truck [RoadHouse Hype In] Clean 9A 150 Breland – My Truck [RoadHouse Hype In] Clean Epic Acap In 9A 150 Breland – My Truck [RoadHouse Hype In] Clean Slam In 9A 150 Britney Spears – Toxic [Y2K & Alexander Lewis Remix Vs. CRG & JAYY Remix] Clean 5A 158 Bugzy Malone FT. Skip Marley – Cause A Commotion [Clean] 7A 149 Bugzy Malone FT. Skip Marley – Cause A Commotion [Dirty] 7A 109 Cazztek – To The Beat [Original Mix] Clean 9A 125 Cazztek – To The Beat [Original Mix] Clean CK Cut 9A 125 Claude VonStroke – Freaks Don’t Fail Me Now [Original Mix] Clean 11A 127 Claude VonStroke – Freaks Don’t Fail Me Now [Original Mix] Clean JD Live Cut 11A 127 Cozway FT. Jon Casey – Ambush [Original Mix] Dirty 2A 137 Dan Davidson – Church [Clean] 4B 120 Darkoo FT. One Acen – Gangsta [Clean] 9B 100 Darkoo FT. One Acen – Gangsta [Dirty] 9B 100 D-Block Europe – Home Pussy [Dirty] 1A 90 DNF & Meywenz – Don’t Be Scared [Original Mix] Dirty 4A 128 DNF & Meywenz – Don’t Be Scared [Original Mix] Dirty CRG Cut 4A 128 DONT BLINK – ACID HOUSE [Original Mix] Clean 4A 125 DONT BLINK – ACID HOUSE [Original Mix] Clean JD Live Cut 4A 125 Drake – When To Say When [CK Intro – Dirty] 4A 85 Drake – When To Say When [Dirty] 4A 85 Drake FT. Giveon – Chicago Freestyle [CK Intro – Dirty] 7A 123 Drake FT. Giveon – Chicago Freestyle [Dirty] 7A 123 Effin – Cheese [Original Mix] Dirty 8A 150 Fat Man Scoop Vs. Lil Jon Vs. KidCutUp – Be Faithful Vs. Turn Down For What [RoadHouse VIP 88-100 Trans] Dirty 9A 100 Fatman Scoop FT. Crooklyn Clan Vs. Mr.Black & Teamworx – Faithful Zoom Zoom [Frequency X Rollercoaster Edit] Clean 11A 128 Joe & Martina FT. John Berry – Give Me Back The 90’s [Clean] 10B 114 Justin Prime & Vivid – Don’t Stop [Extended Mix] Clean 4A 126 Justin Prime & Vivid – Don’t Stop [Original Mix] Clean 4A 126 Justin Prime & Vivid – Don’t Stop [Original Mix] Clean CK Cut 4A 126 Kenny Chesney – Here & Now [Clean] 12B 148 Leandro Da Silva & Soultight – Jumping [Extended Mix] Clean 8A 124 Leandro Da Silva & Soultight – Jumping [Original Mix] Clean 8A 124 Lil Wayne Vs. Lil Mosey – Uproar Vs. Blueberry Faygo [Frequency X Wordplay Segue] Clean 6A 99 Lil Wayne Vs. Lil Mosey – Uproar Vs. Blueberry Faygo [Frequency X Wordplay Segue] Dirty 6A 99 Lizzo FT. Gucci Mane – Exactly How I Feel [Clean] Revised 8A 113 Love Harder FT. Julie Bergan – Outta My Head [Extended Mix] Clean 8A 126 Love Harder FT. Julie Bergan – Outta My Head [Original Mix] Clean 8A 126 Love Harder FT. Julie Bergan – Outta My Head [Original Mix] Clean CK Cut 8A 126 Luke Bryan – Born Here Live Here Die Here [Clean] 10B 132 M Huncho – Pee Pee [Clean] 9B 114 M Huncho – Pee Pee [Dirty] 9B 114 Midnght & ZCR – Baddest [Original Mix] Clean 1A 145 MRKIZ – Revive [Extended Mix] Clean 11A 128 MRKIZ – Revive [Original Mix] Clean 11A 128 MRKIZ – Revive [Original Mix] Clean CK Cut 11A 128 NSG – Ourself [Clean] 12A 103 NSG – Ourself [Dirty] 12A 103 PA Salieu – Frontline [Clean] 8A 97 PA Salieu – Frontline [Dirty] 5A 133 Paula Abdul, J. Cole, Austin Marc – Ultimate Work Out [Buck Rodgers Edit] Clean 7A 93 Psy – Gangnam Style [JAYY Remix] Clean 10A 145 Psy – Gangnam Style [JAYY Remix] Intro – Clean 10A 145 Robby East & Mingue – Fly Solo [Extended Mix] Clean 10A 126 Robby East & Mingue – Fly Solo [Original Mix] Clean 10A 126 Robby East & Mingue – Fly Solo [Original Mix] Clean CK Cut 10A 126 SNAP! – Rhythm Is A Dancer [Don Paolo Edit] Clean 8A 126 SNAP! – Rhythm Is A Dancer [Don Paolo Edit] Clean CRG Cut 8A 126 Swedish House Mafia – Save The World [Cheyenne Giles Bootleg] Clean 6A 126 Swedish House Mafia – Save The World [Cheyenne Giles Bootleg] Clean CRG Cut 6A 126 The Cadillac Three – Bar Round Here [Clean] 8A 129 TroyBoi – The Truth [Original Mix] Clean 10A 142 Tyler Farr – Only Truck In Town [Clean] 9A 142 Tyler Farr – Only Truck In Town [Dirty] 9A 142 W&W, Sandro Silva & Zafrir – Wizard Of The Beats [Extended Mix] Clean 4A 130 W&W, Sandro Silva & Zafrir – Wizard Of The Beats [Original Mix] Clean 4A 130 W&W, Sandro Silva & Zafrir – Wizard Of The Beats [Original Mix] Clean CK Cut 4A 130 YehMe2 FT. Masayoshi Iimori & BlumBros – Feelin’ Myself [Original Mix] Dirty 9A 144 Young T & Bugsey FT. Headie One – Don’t Rush [Dirty] 12A 108

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2020.02.13 20:01 corazonsinalma Dear Dad...

Dear Dad,
You’re a piece of shit, you know that?
You told me to get the fuck out at age 17 because that slut you’re now married to didn’t like me, told you to pick and you picked her STD-filled pussy over your child and sent me running back to my abuser (my mother), more because I was still ultra-brainwashed by the Catholic religion that ‘everyone deserves forgiveness’ and, the counselors I ended up at were all catholic and sure didn’t help with that. At one point, I was convinced you’d be back in my life too but, you’re the ultimate religious stereotype of going to church every Sunday and not at all abiding by your religion and specifically that one Bible verse about he who shuns his kin is worse than any nonbeliever. So, even your agnostic theist daughter isn’t nearly as bad in the eyes of your religion...ain’t that funny?
Plus, I love that you reduce me to my interest in one musician. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Biggie Smallz to this day and, the reason I prefer his music to Tupac’s? Because he was the party rapper, he would talk about his adventures with women, at parties, his cars etc...more than the struggle of growing where he did and, I preferred that because it was an escape to the hell I grew up in. And, you realize I like other musicians and genres right?
Don’t you remember how I would just stare at everyone from Tina Turner to Paula Abdul in their music videos that were already old when I was watching them on repeat and or how the first time I heard Lithium from Nirvana and went searching for the rest of their music and very much wanted to grow up to have even a fraction of the singing talent of Amy Lee from Evanescence?
Well, actually, no. You probably didn’t know this because you and my narcissist mother are the very same.
Your favorite people in the world are yourselves. Others don’t matter unless they’re serving you in one way or another and, you both hate that I refuse to be a doormat.
And, it’s morbidly hilarious to me that you claimed in court I was lying about being diagnosed as chronically ill. Like, what in the world would I get out of lying about that? Sure, maybe the diagnosis is incorrect and may be something else entirely but, I don’t have the funds for this procedure to find out at the moment and, you don’t know this info.
Oh, and I don’t owe that slut a goddamn thing. She is a classless slut and nothing more. I feel bad for her kids, she clearly favors the girl one over her son since he’s special needs and it’s sad. I’m really surprised you haven’t gone to jail for punching for the poor kid since you hate special needs people so much and vocalize it every single time you have a chance.
Remember? Isn’t that why you confided in me that you were so happy I didn’t have a birth defect, given all your shit-talking?
It’s taking forever but, I can’t wait to be rid of your last name once I hear back from the courts. I hate that my PTSD crap is making me see you in my dreams. But, in my culture (not the one I get from you, my mothers side), we say that if you see people in your dreams, they’re thinking of you.
I mean, why would you be thinking of me? Other than for hoping I’m in a bad place? Or, are you living a sham and feeling all sad since, I guarantee your replacement kids aren’t going to kiss your ass forever.
Fuck you, you piece of trash.
You and my mother both sleep peacefully at night thinking you’re saints when, you’re not. Your abuse when I was a child had me as a child with shit health and thus, I grew up into an adult with shit health. My body has had a hell of a time a keeping the score.
Sincerely, your daughter who’s about done mourning the parents she never had.
P.S. I have tattoos now and, no. It’s not because the STD-filled slut influenced me to get them. I have always wanted tattoos whether I had met her or not. Hope she still enjoys popping zannies with her wine, it was quite the show watching you two get into fights over it.
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2020.02.10 20:55 methodwriter85 If A Late Gen X mallrat had a blog...

If A Late Gen X mallrat had a blog...
I got this idea from that rather hilarious 70's mom blog. So grab an Orange Julius and enjoy.
Sunday, July 7, 1991 1:00 p.m.
Dear Diary,
Saturday is always my favorite day, especially during the summer. Yesterday I woke up around 10:00 a.m. and put on my favorite outfit- stonewashed jeans, my aqua and purple vertical striped t-shirt from the Gap, my button-down shirt with pink and blue pin-stripes from Macy's, and purple Converse sneakers. I completed my outfit with my purple zebra slap bracelet (they are totally safe and those news stories are full of shit) and my peace sign necklace. Mom doesn't like me wearing them because Dad is in the military (don't worry, he wasn't in the Gulf) and she's always reminding me that I can't bring it with me when Nicole and I visit him in Spain in two weeks. Then I messed with my hair after working some Dep into it. I really wanted to look like Zach Morris on Saved by the Bell, but I'm afraid it wasn't that good. I wish Mom would let me bleach my hair so I could do that surfer look, but she said that look is going to look retarded on me because my hair is black and that if I ever bleached my hair like his, she'd buzz off all my hair.
After I got dressed, I went to the kitchen and pour myself a bowl of Cookie Crisp and Sunny D. The kitchen looks so cool now- mom had it redone so that we have all white appliances, white cabinets, white titles, and forest Green countertops. Anyway, I went down to the den to watch the Brady Bunch reruns on TBS. I was in the middle of the episode where Jan turns into a total bitch after winning Ms. Popularity when Mom came into the the den. She said she was taking me to the mall because she had a date with Robert. He was apparently taking her to Wildwood and they were going to be gone all day. Nicole was already off to work at Sizzlers. She's working doubles because she wants spending money for the trip to Spain, plus she's planning a trip to the Jersey Shore with her friends for the week before Labor Day.
So Mom dropped me off at the Mall and said to have fun, but to just say no if any strangers offered me drugs. I just rolled my eyes because I overheard Mom snorting cocaine with her other boyfriend Stan once when they thought I was asleep. She handed me fifty bucks and her Mac card "just in case". Anyway, first thing I hit up was Arby's so I could get their eggs/bacon/cheese crossiant sandwhich. (Luckily they were still serving breakfast.) Then I went over to The Wall to listen to some music for about an hour...I really like that one song "More Than Words" by Extreme, and that Bryan Adams song from that Robin Hood movie. I wound up buying both of those singles for my walkman, which I put inside my backpack. I also listened to Paula Abdul's new cd. Pretty rad album, but I had already gotten her "Rush Rush" single. (Keanu Reeves was so cool in that video- I wonder if he'll still be around in thirty years, though? I don't think he's as good of an actor as River Phoenix or Christian Slater.)
Then I browsed the CVS- why does that place smell so bad? I mean, it's like a pharmacy and it always smells like mildew. I got Planter's cheese balls and Mountain Dew, and then I went over to the fountain by Strawbridge's to sit down and eat. It's the really cool fountain- the one that's like 15-20 feet high and you can walk along the ledge to get to the other side. Always fun to do that. Then I threw a penny with my birthyear (1978) on it and made a wish. (Can't tell you or it won't come true!) Then I just walked around Strawbridge for a bit- even went outside so I could look at that really cool clock tower they have. Didn't really see anything there that I liked, though.
So then I walked into Waldenbooks and browsed through a couple of books. I read some of my favorite books- "The Babysitter" by R.L. Stine, "The Face on the Milk Carton" by Caroline B. Cooney, and "Remember Me" by Christopher Pike. Luckily, Gladys the cashier wasn't there- she's the one who really embarrassed me last week because she said that I can't keep buying Sweet Valley High books, reading them, and taking them back. Anyway, Jeff the manager there seems to like me, and even told me it's okay to read the books as long as I'm careful not to bend the cover and put them back when I'm done. I usually go all the way into the back of the store when I read. Sometimes Jeff will come over to me and pat me on the arm and call me "Buddy". One time he even asked me when my birthday is (I turn 13 in December) and that he wanted to buy me a Gap sweater that he thought would look good on me. He's so weird but think he's just a sad old 30-year old lonely dude, so it's okay.
Anyway, by the time I was done reading, it was about 3 p.m. and I got hungry again. I went back over to the food court and got a slice of pepperoni at Sbarro's, a soda from the Haagen Daczs, and those bacon cheese fries that are absolutely heavenly at Surfside Fries. Then I walked over to Champions arcade and played skeeball for a bit. I ran into my friend Jason and we played Air Hockey, but then I left because I said I wanted to buy a new shirt.
That's when the Mac card comes in. I got more cash so I could buy that really cool white Calvin Klein t-shirt I saw at Macy's, and some new Guess jeans as well. (I was so glad I bought my green Nike backpack with me.) After that I went over to the pet store they have by Contempo Casuals to watch some puppies play, as well as see that iguana they have. I stopped by in the Gap, too, but I didn't see anything I liked. Nothing in Merry Go Round, either- they were out of the hypercolor t-shirts I wanted to buy.
I wound up going to JC Penney's and bought yellow pair of Converse sneakers- they were on sale for only 20 bucks. It will be so cool when I go to Spain and wear my purple left Converse with my yellow right Converse and new stonewashed Guess jeans. (I WILL get a Hypercolor shirt before the trip- I want the blue one that turns green.) Then I went to Spencer's Gifts- it is so funny to go there because of the joke sex toys and those "Hunky" men calendars. I think I might buy Nicole one for her 16th birthday in November.
At this point- I went to the new wing they put up at the mall- it's so dope. Wanamakers moved in, and the new wing has really cool palm trees and a brand-new fountain as well. Then I walked over to Wilson's Leather and tried on a really cool brown bomber leather jacket- 300 bucks though, so no way, Jose, as my mother would say. I did think I looked a little bit like Tom Cruise in Top Gun. He is so cool. Then I went over to Saturday Matinee. I wound up renting some Corey Haim movie- the one he did with the other Corey.
At this point, it was almost 6 o'clock, so I went over to the General Cinema by the food court so I could catch a movie. I met up with Jason and Amber, a girl we know from school. Luckily my 16-year old cousin Scott works there and the general manager always leaves at like 5 p.m., so he snuck us in so we could watch Robin Hood for free again. I love that movie- I think Kevin Costner is so cool. He kind of reminds me of my dad, a little bit. (Well, if my dad was a mega-movie star like Kevin Costner, of course!) And of course, you can't forget Christian Slater. That dude is going to be such a star someday, I can feel it!
After the movie, Amber had to go home because her stepdad found Jesus so she has to be up at 6 a.m. to attend church. She's lucky enough that she lives in the condo complex right by the mall- all she has to do is cut through the golf course to get home in like 10 minutes. I hung out with Jason for a little bit longer at the food court. I got an Arby's sandwhich and Curley fries, an Orange Julius, and a Cinabon. (I wish Cinabon was closer to the food court- why is it located all the way by the Hanover shoe store?) At about 9:40, the mall security came up and said the mall was closed so we had to go home. Since the last bus doesn't leave until 10:30 Jason and I stood outside the mall entrance and tried to see if there were any leftover cigarette butts that were still smoking in the ash trays that they set up on top of the cement garbage cans by the payphones. We hit a jackpot and puffed for a little. That's when Jason said we should walk over to the dumpster area behind the movie theater to see if Scott was done cleaning up the concession stand. Scott wasn't, but he and his co-worker Kevin were outside drinking Jungle Juice inside a Gatorade bottle they had spiked. They left us take a couple of sips and laughed when Jason almost immediately rolfed . They told him that he should stick to wine coolers and that made Jason mad so we walked over to the bus stop to wait. Luckily Jason lives in the same subdivision as me so we took the same bus. It dropped us off right by the 7/11 near the entrance of our development. We got Slurpees and I also got the Chunkee Monkey Ben and Jerry's to eat when I got home.
I was home by about a quarter after 11. I left my mom's MAC card on the kitchen table, then went back down to the den and started watching episodes of Kids Incorporated that I had taped while eating my Ben and Jerry's. I also watched the New Mickey Mouse Club- Blaine Carson performed a cover of "King of Wishful Thinking." He has such a good voice. I hope he becomes a star. When I finished my Ben and Jerry, I went into Nicole's bedroom and got her bottle of Parrot Bay Rum so I could make a screw driver with orange juice. They are so yummy, much better than wine coolers. I think those taste nasty.
Nicole came home around 1 a.m. from her shift at Sizzlers. (Don't worry- her boyfriend Brad drove her home. He's 26 and the night manager there.) She looked really glassy-eyed and tired (yet couldn't stop smiling for some odd reason), so we didn't talk much before she went upstairs to her bedroom with a bag of Doritos, an entire box of Vienetta ice cream, some Snackwells, and a liter bottle of Diet Coke.
At about 3 a.m., I heard Mom stumbling through the front door from the date with Robert, which means it was time for me to go to bed.
All in all, a great day. Terminator 2 is coming out next week, and I can't wait to watch it with Jason and Amber. (Scott is totally going to sneak us in even though it's R-rated.)
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2020.01.22 12:11 midnor_raven [TOMT] [amusement game] [1990]

Does anybody remember Kids ‘R’ Us back in the late 80’s/early 90’s? It was run by Toys ‘R’ Us but it was its own store and sold kids clothes and shoes. Thats where I bought my favorite jelly shoes and they had TVs around that would play music videos like Paula Abdul’s Opposites Attract.
The thing I cant remember is this one “game” they had there. I don’t remember if you had to put a quarter in or if they just let you play for free but it was this tall rectangular machine where if you pressed in the button, ethereal music would play and I THINK maybe there was a bunch of clouds with fortunes or answers on them and they would take turns lighting up and when the music stopped the answer to your question was on the cloud that was still lit up when it was finished playing. Kindof random like how a magic 8 ball works.
I dont know if this was in all Kids R Us stores or just the one by me. If you need to know what city the store is let me know.
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2020.01.11 15:13 ryen8193 An Obnoxiously long list of famous Generation Jonesers and Xers

Generation Jones and Gen X: 1958- 1980
Michael Jackson, Madonna, Prince, Grandmaster Flash, Fab Five Freddy, Cold Crush Brothers, Kurtis Blow, Kool Moe Dee, Magic Johnson, Kevin Bacon, Michelle Pfeiffer, Sharon Stone, Annette Benning, Jamie Lee Curtis, Andie MacDowell, Ellen DeGeneres, Mark Cuban, Alec Baldwin, Tim Robbins, Holly Hunter, Quentin Tarantino, Tim Burton, David Fincher, Jodie Foster, Lee Daniels, President Barack Obama, Sarah Palin, Nancy Grace, Loretta Lynch, Magic Johnson, Bo Jackson, Dennis Rodman, Patrick Ewing, Jerry Rice, Charles Barkley, Joss Whedon, Wayne Gretzky, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Chris Cornell, Pearl Jam, Counting Crows, Kurtis Blow, VP Mike Pence, Afrika Bambaataa, Ice T, Eazy E, Chuck D, Flava Flav, Jon Bon Jovi, Guns and Roses, Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam), Garth Brooks, Melissa Etheridge, Joan Jett,Tori Amos, El DeBarge, Kid ‘n Play, Paula Abdul, Babyface, Envogue, BeBe and CeCe Winans, Steven Curtis Chapman, TobyMac, Meg Ryan, Charlie Sheen, Kevin Spacey, Robert Downey, Jr, Sean Penn, George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Tom Cruise, Courtney Cox, Angela Bassett, Sandra Bullock, Julianne Moore, Martin Lawrence, Damon Wayan, Rosie O'Donnell, Jon Stewart, Eddie Murphy, Stephen Colbert, Whitney Houston, Chris Rock, George Lopez, Mike Myers, MC Hammer, Lenny Kravitz, Dan Brown, Keenen Ivory Wayans, Helen Hunt, Julia Louis- Dreyfus, Steve Caroll, Joel Olsteen, Glen Beck, Anne Coulter, Rodney King, David LaChapelle, Mark Cuban, Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Demi Moore, RuPaul, Fabio, John Schneider, Valerie Bertinelli, Steve Irwin, Wesley Snipes, Manute Bol, Jasmine Guy, Chris Christie, Johnny Depp, John Stamos, Lisa Kudrow, Conan O'Brien, Rob Schneider, David Spade, Vanessa Williams, Vivica A Fox, Coolio, Isaiah Washington, Wendy Williams, Nicolas Cage, Rob Lowe, Marisa Tomei, Cedric the Entertainer, Kevin James, Scott Baio, Ben Stiller, Suge Knight, Viola Davis, Brooke Shields, Meg Ryan, Kadeem Hardison, Michael Bay, Matthew Weiner, Sheryl Crow, Metallica, Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer, Boy George, Courtney Love, Motley Crue, Belinda Carlisle , Bret Easton Ellis, David Foster Wallace, Michael Chabon, Jeffrey Dahmer, David Koresh, Michael Bay, John Leguizamo, Rand Paul, Forest Whitaker, Wynton Marsalis, Jeff Bezos
Princess Diana, Bono, Michael J Fox, George Michael, Keanu Reeves, Mike Myers, Jim Carrey, Fatboy Slim, Shania Twain, J.K. Rowling, Gary Oldman, Emma Thompson, Simon Cowell, Hugh Grant, Antonio Banderas, Russell Crowe, The Cure, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Def Leppard, Enya , Tears for Fears, Morrissey, Viggo Mortensen, Joseph Kony.
Kurt Cobain, Dave Grohl, Trent Reznor, The Beastie Boys, Dave Matthews, Liz Phair, Beck, Rob Thomas, Judd Apatow, Ben Affleck, Ava Duvernay, M Night Shyamalan, Kelly Ripa, Taraji P. Henson, Terrence Howard, Will Ferrell, PT Anderson, Kevin Smith, Wes Anderson, Anthony Anderson, Tracee Ellis, Cindy Crawford, Jay Z, Ice Cube, Tupac, Sean Puffy Combs, R Kelly, Teddy Riley, Nas, RZA, Method Man, ODB, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Rakim, Eric B, Busta Rhymes, DMX, Marilyn Manson Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, Kim Fields, Lisa Bonet, Malcolm Jamal Warner, Mark Ruffalo, Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, Rose McGowan, Lauren Graham, Mary Mary, Janet Jackson, Gwen Stefani, Toni Braxton, Boyz II Men, New Kids On the Block, New Edition, Jodeci, TLC, SWV, Salt N Pepa, Heavy D, Arrested Development, Queen Latifah, Big Pun, Fat Joe, Sade, Erykah Badu, A Tribe Called Quest, Mary J. Blige, Paula Cole, Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, Missy Elliott, Timbaland, Pharrell Williams, Common, Mary J. Blige, LL Cool J, Will Smith, Vanilla Ice, Eminem, Lil Jon, Rob Zombie, Billie Joe Armstrong, Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Ryan Seacrest, Terry Crews, Shonda Rhimes, Tyler Perry, J. J Abrams, Kirk Franklin, Hill Harper, Shawn and Marlon Wayans, Lance Armstrong, Mike Tyson, Leonardo Dicaprio, Matt Damon, Bobby Jindal, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan, Kirk Cameron, Rob Bell, Bobby Brown, Matt Damon, Paul Rudd, David Chappelle, Louis C.K., Leslie Jones, Sarah Silverman, Melissa McCarthy, Bill Burr, Joe Rogan, Adam Sandler, Jamie Foxx, Alyssa Milano, Corey Feldman, River Phoenix, Jerry O'Connell, Jeff Gordon, Shaquille O'Neal, David Blaine, Fred Durst, Kiefer Sutherland, Sam Mendes, Seth MacFarlane, Ernest Cline, the Menendez Brothers, Debbie Gibson, Tiffany, Tonya Harding, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Neil Patrick Harris, Mario Lopez, Tina Fey, Kristen Wiig, Jon Hamm, Kid Rock, Tiffani Amber Thiessen, Pamela Anderson, Salma Hayek, Rivers Cuomo (Weezer), Jhumpa Lahiri, Wilson Phillips, Monica Lewinsky, Cory Booker, Christina Applegate, Matchbox Twenty, John Singleton, Tonya Harding, Alanis Morissette, Radiohead, Bush, David Guetta, Celine Dion, Chris Nolan, Wyclef Jean, Selena, Björk, Nickelback, Julian Assange, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Jamiroquai, Kylie Minogue, Barenaked Ladies, Coldplay, Sinéad O'Connor, Sacha Baron Cohen, Steve McQueen (director),
OutKast, Blink 182, Sum 41, John Mayer, The Black Keys, Lin Manuel Miranda, Ta- Nehisi Coates, Alex Jones, Barry Jenkins, Jordan Peele, Jaleel White, Melissa Joan Hart, Keisha Knight Pulliam, Tia and Tamera Mowry, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Michael Vick, Tiger Woods, John Cena, Kanye West, Diplo, Lil, Kim, Nelly,, Cee Lo Green, TI, Young Jeezy, Young Joc, Gucci Mane, Ja Rule, Flo Rida, The Game, 50 Cent, Three 6 Mafia, Rick Ross, Joe Biden, Dru Hill, Lauryn Hill, Musiq Soulchild, D'Angelo, John Legend, Pink, Fiona Apple, The Black Eyed Peas, Rodney Darkchild Jerkins, Brandy Norwood, Aaliyah, Monica, Ashanti, Tamar Braxton, Kandi Burruss, Usher Raymond, Eve, Alicia Keys, Ne-Yo, Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Jon B, Robin Thicke, Ludacris, Danger Mouse, Jimmy Fallon, Bradley Cooper, Angelina Jolie, Drew Barrymore, Kerry Washington, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Macaulay Culkin, Kevin Hart, James Franco, Heath Ledger, Blake Shelton, Chris Pratt, Jake Gyllenhaal, Tobey Maguire, Amy Adams, Kim Kardashian, Zach Braff, Zooey Deschanel, Mindy Kaling, Nick Cannon, Chris Pine, Brittany Murphy, Alicia Silverstone, Liv Taylor, Kate Hudson, Kristen Bell, Mayim Bialik, Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jack White (White Stripes), Linkin Park, Kenan and Kel, Bassnectar, Kris Kross, Mike Mizanin, Milo Ventimiglia, Sterling K Brown, Candace Cameron, Fred Savage, Ben Savage, Rider Strong, Jennifer Love- Hewitt, Ashton Kushner, Adam Sandberg, Katherine Heigl, Perez Hilton, Drew Scott (Property Brothers), Donald Trump, Jr., Jonathan Brandis, Anna Faris, Travis Barker, Steve-O (Jackass), Eva Longoria, Teri Hatcher, Charlize Theron, Mark Ronson, Jason Segel, Ellie Kemper, Freddie Prinze, Jr., Gucci Mane, Zachary Levi, Ying Yang Twins, Juvenile (Hot Boyz), One Republic, Chadwick Boseman, Joey Lawrence, Melissa Joan Hart, My Chemical Romance, Good Charlotte, Fall Out Boys, Zoe Saldana, Incubus, Kehinde Wiley, Jason Mraz, Joshua Jackson, DJ Khaled, Jason Momoa
Muse, Russell Brand, Christian Bale, David Beckham, Ryan Gosling, Ryan Reynolds, Michael Buble, Spice Girls, Daft Punk, Chris Martin (Coldplay), MIA, Rebel Wilson, Yao Ming, James McAvoy, James Corden, Manny Pacquiao, Dirk Nowitzki, Shakira, Orlando Bloom, Tom Hardy, Enrique Iglesias, Cillian Murphy, Nelly Furtado, Zadie Smith, Estelle,
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2019.11.19 22:24 imissbuddy4u Judges comments transcribed Week 1-Semi Finals: Ally and Sasha

Week 1:

Ally and Sasha: Cha-Cha-Cha ("Work from Home" - Fifth Harmony)

Week 2:

Ally and Sasha: Viennese Waltz ("Iris" - Goo Goo Dolls)

Week 3: Movie Night

Ally and Sasha: Rumba ("Dreaming of You"—Selena)

Week 4:

Ally and Sasha: Jive ("Proud Mary"—Tina Turner)

Week 5: Disney Night

Ally and Sasha: Contemporary ("Beauty and the Beast"—Ariana Grande & John Legend)

Week 6:

Ally and Sasha: Quickstep ("Take On Me"—A-ha)

Week 7: Halloween Night

Ally and Sasha: Tango ("Sweet but Psycho"—Ava Max)

Week 8: Dance Off Week

Ally and Sasha: Paso Doble ("Higher"—Ally Brooke)
Kel & Whitney VS Ally & Sasha: Jive ("Don't Stop Me Now" --- Queen)

Week 9: Boy Band and Girl Group

Ally and Sasha: Samba ("Wannabe"—Spice Girls)
Ally and Sasha: Jazz ("Step by Step"—New Kids on the Block)

Week 10: Semi-Finals

Ally and Sasha: Viennese Waltz ("Perfect"—Ed Sheeran)
Ally and Sasha: Charleston ("Sing, Sing, Sing (With a Swing)"—Benny Goodman)
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2019.11.02 09:51 oyeitsmirza Things are Getting Ugly for Paula Abdul

We kid. It's actually quite the opposite. On the heels of leaving American Idol and endless speculation as to where she will end up next, E! News has confirmed that Paula Abdul is in talks to guest star on ABC's Ugly Betty. That's right, folks, the little Paula that could continues to rebound after last week's AI debacle. While info about Abdul's potential role on the underdog series is being kept secret, our best frenemy Ausiello reports that she'll play a Mode temp who becomes fast friends with Becki Newton's Amanda. We can only imagine the misadventures these two will find. If ABC keeps this up, they may just land Paula for Dancing With the Stars after all. We'll keep you posted...
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2019.10.07 10:25 fractalfay Suckling the Devil’s Juice in Front of the Mixed Vegetables: vision board of Before the 90 Days.

Welcome to your latest 90DF recap, where fifteen minutes of fresh content feels like an eternity, and where absolutely no one is in love.
Here’s Darcey and Stacey, demonstrating why “The Twin Life” flopped, and why the sequel, “Oh yeah? Nobody GOOD Loves You” is bound to suffer a similar fate. The Albanian vacation is limping to an end, so Darcey and Stacey sit down at the hotel bar for a little farewell snark, wearing matching Paula Abdul/Angus Young battle caps. Can I welcome you into the 90s, at least, ladies? I know riot grrl isn’t your thing, and I love shoulder pads as much as the next Mad Max cosplayer, but do you always have to look like Julia Roberts trying to buy a dress for Richard Gere’s girlfriend experience with wadded up dollar bills crammed into a clutch purse?
Anyway, so they bitch at each other for a few minutes and Darcey repeats the incorrect assertion that the man who has never said he loves her would have gotten down on one knee, if only she had obeyed. Stacey is tired and her morning drink is empty, so she heads outside to goodbye-hug Tom, who has drenched himself in sepia tone to disappear mid flight. Stacey talks more shit, Darcey talks more shit, a stiff breeze blows by and Tom’s pinched anus whistles a merry little tune.
Back in the UK Tom and Darcey deboard the plane with Darcey’s ebags advertisement, and I can feel the magnetic pull of the bathroom air dryer drawing her in for a little bodysuit blotting. She resists, since Tom is already sulking and kicking sand on her throwing shoes. She says tit-for-tat a few more times, since it hasn’t yet savaged my skull like a Lee press-on nail trapped in a rotary phone, and I’m desperate to plunge vocabulary out of Tom’s crumpet-hole and shoehorn it into her vocal fry. Tom’s titties swell with the power to destroy Darcey, and the self-esteem fairy keeps tit-for-tatting on the windshield, but Tom is too fast and turns the wipers on.
Tom scores an AirBNB next to his sister Emma’s house, and he warns Darcey that Emma can be judgmental, which basically means she lays down a disappointed school-marmish scowl when shit gets real. Darcey seems nervous, so I’m irrationally defensive. Have you even heard of ‘Murica, Tom? You are not ready for this revolution. Fuck your tea, Tom, right in the harbor. Fuck. Your. Tea.
After a quick flashback to Jesse’s wannabe Burning Man breeding agents, and Darcey’s stint as Angelica Houston, Tom says he’ll make a fire, and he tells us that he plans to “rekindle the spark” (I see what you did there, Tom). This means that now that he’s done whittling her down to one of those ducks on a pull string with wheels, he’s ready to get his fuck on. Romance.
The next day Darcey skips along in slippers with Tom’s beloved dog, which reminds him that deep down she’s a precious gelfling. Later they meet Emma and her partner Rick, and we’ve been primed to assume she’s eager to roll out the unwelcome mat, but really she’s there to kick Tom’s weak ankle out from under him. She says that Darcey looks just like someone Tom would date, since he’s into people who are mostly hair. Then she points out that Tom had “a bit of a tantrum” when he found out their vacation would be rerouted to Albania. Darcey smiles like the Kool-Aid man just burst through the wall. “Really I’m more like the older sibling, because my brother is a man-baby.” (Smile.)
Darcey lets it slip that Tom has always been on her vision board, and someone talking about their vision board to a triad of Brits has always been on my vision board. Then Emma demands to know if Tom is falling for Darcey, and when he starts to hem and haw she’s all, “I can’t hear you” and I can see her pinning Tom’s chicken wing behind his back in childhood, then saying, “now cluck.” Tom manages to mutter that she’s his partner and he’s falling for her, and Darcey throws her body on that bone and ravenously consumes every scrap before the other dogs smell blood.
Darcey: I love you.
Tom: (Crickets.)
Next up is Tim, who is battling it out with Benji for the honor of Storyline Fully Captured In Last Week’s Preview. If you’ll recall, last week Tim pouted over having to climb too many stairs to a breathtaking location, and then Jeniffer grabbed him by the pussy. Now they apparently need to talk about it again? After a few minutes of lukewarm tit-for-tat (I’m not sorry) Tim throws down, “What would you say if I asked you to marry me right now?” Jeniffer responds, “I don’t know” which is the only response to romantic shouting.
Questions: Why does Tim wear dog tags? Did those come free with cologne, or is there a story there? Is there more to his sexual reluctance with Jeniffer? Is there a polyamory bombshell on the horizon that Veronica can’t wait to announce? Why explore all of this when we could see Jeniffer shopping?
Tim flexes his bank muscle by telling Jeniffer she can get whatever she wants, as a reminder that he’s the only 90DF contestant to not close out a 401K account, commit credit card fraud, or plead with a parent in order to make the K1 visa happen. Violet goes to her grandparents, which leaves us with these two, which isn’t fair to anyone except Violet. Then Tim decides that he and Jeniffer’s new shirt should call Veronica for a mutually insincere exchange of unpleasantries.
Chloe is polite to Jeniffer during their exchange, and Jeniffer produces a saccharine smile, and an “Oh hiiiiii” about as sincere as a flight attendant searching for a new seat to accommodate a perfume allergy. Conversation time!
Jeniffer: We’ve been fighting a little bit (smile smile smile). I see all the time that you are texting. So do you still have feelings, or… Translation: I see you, bitch.
Veronica: I BEAT THE STUPID out of him, for the most part, so, you’re welcome. Translation: It’s really unfair that my fixer-upper is being sold as new. But sure, enjoy the fruits of my exhaustive labor, ha ha ha I’m FINE.
Veronica: I’m not trying to ruin it. Translation: I’m totally trying to ruin it.
Veronica: Why are you interested in him? Translation: I thought I’d be the hottest woman he ever dated.
Veronica: How has your physical connection been? Translation: Tom can keep his tea, but this needs to be spilled.
Jeniffer: He’s very respectful of me. Translation: He has not conquered me.
Did anyone else suddenly get really tired? Must be time for Benji’s boring, obviously home-schooled ass to make Mr. Rogers’ disappointed face at Akenyi. When we left off their story, Benji was judging Akenyi like a good Christian because she suckled the devil’s juice in front of her mixed vegetables. Instead of giving her solid advice, like eat before you guzzle a margarita to avoid the vomit comet, the essence of their exchange can be communicated with two revealing lines:
Akenyi: What did I do?
Benji: You know, you were intoxicated. Disagreed with me. Asked for another drink. Loudly.
Sometimes when people are hyper-sensitive around booze, it’s because they’ve been around a lot of alcoholics, and are done. I’M DONE! Benji strikes me as someone who has never been around anyone who drinks at all. One margarita, and wanting two, is not a problem. Screaming, “GET OFF ME!” And getting into a fight with a fence that came out of nowhere, before collapsing on the ground crying, “The fence won, you fucking bitch! I’m voting for Andrew Yang!” Is a problem.
But Benji did come halfway around the world to learn things, he came halfway around the world for an obedient sex doll, and he’s not going to tolerate Akenyi having a personality and independent thought when he’s a divorced lipless underemployed white man with a child and an endless supply of khaki shorts. Akenyi calls him out for overreacting and being a control freak, and somehow still seems onboard to marry him. Then she tells the camera that what Benji doesn’t know is after the bride price is agreed upon, she and Benji will be fully married. She didn’t mention this before, because she never thought Benji would make it all the way through her gauntlet of people.
Still awake? That means you get to suffer through Benji’s blubbering conversation with friend Desiree. Something about remembering he has a son and possibly maybe almost proposing to Akinyi makes him start blubbering, and Omar appears out of nowhere to say, “Men don’t cry.”
Angela, come on out of that cotton patch and tote us out of this segment. Back in Nigeria, Angela’s setting up her laptop to report back to Skylar and the rest of Team Tote about the quality of her powdered eggs, and how long NASA thinks they could survive in space. Her grandkids are excited to see her, and come on, you know it would be amazing having Angela for a grandmother. The principal thought mom was coming in for that conference, but what shows up is a chain smoking grandmother with a fistful of scratch lottery tickets and a muscle car cooling in the parking lot. That teacher never called my house again.
“The egg might be a dud, but the best news is my uterus is beautiful,” Angela announces, further expanding my vision board. “Take it, Michael.”
“Umm…okay,” Michael is not equipped for this conversation. “Can you…give us…your egg?”
“No.” Ah, the voice of reason.
“I’ll pay you for it!” Ah, the voice of Angela.
“I wouldn’t do it for a million dollars,” Skylar lies.
“You a damn liar, because if I had a million dollars you’d give up all your eggs.” #facts, and if we’re dealing with that kind of dollars, I have a whole nest of unused genetic potential just rotten away in my no-baby basket. I won’t be doing any of the toting business, and if that kid gets dark and takes song lyrics too seriously around puberty, she’s not allowed to know where I live.
“It’ll be my child, I don’t care who totes it,” Skylar says, sending us into a quantum realm of Keanu Reeves, wondering if any babies are like, really ours, if we only, like, carry them. Whoa.
Later on Angela walks hand in hand with Michael in her technicolor dreamcoat, because it’s time to meet up with the so-called goofballs for some quick alienation. On the way there it kinda looks like she stops to pee in the bushes, but this episode is light on wonder. The goofballs report they didn’t know she was coming, and that’s a damn lie, because Michael just said they wanted to see her…and that’s another lie. Angela’s hello is, “I don’t like you.” This is the truth. She mentions she didn’t want Michael to go out on his birthday because she was sick and needed his emotional support, and that’s another lie! That’s it! Lying again!
“She’s just looking for someone she can control,” says President Goofball, Keeper of Truth.
Michael realizes he’s going to be chewing his own foot all night if he doesn’t overreact, so he starts gesturing and huffing and puffing in the manly fashion Angela approved of when they got into a fight leaving the airport. The first two friends beat feet to some other dance battle, and the lone calm friend asks the question of questions: “what is this really about?”
Um, getting on TV?
Speaking of getting on TV, Cesar is still telling stories on my television. I’m hoping that his scenes will turn full improve soon, and he’ll go to the front of a restaurant and say, “Okay, someone shout out an item from the bathroom and a place you take a friend. Go!”
Instead, Cesar explains that if Maria would just sit and think about how she owes him, everything would be okay. An overly enthusiastic friend picks him up at the airport, and both were inches from cracking up as Cesar explained that Maria needs a new toothbrush, so he’s sending her $3,000 and a plane ticket to Cuba. She says she hopes he gets over this business, but we all know that’s not going to happen until he’s ruled out of milking another $12K from TLC for next season.
Speaking of Keanu AND milking another season, Avery and Omar are in Beirut, having nothing to say to each other now that they don’t have Teri to torment. Avery sits in the taxi looking like she has allergies, reciting a children’s book about Lebanon: “I love being in a Muslim country. People here look like me. Other people do not look like me. Sometimes that makes me sad. Lebanon has a beach. The beach has sand! The sand is beautiful. Isn’t it beautiful? The taxi goes vroom vroom! Isn’t the taxi beautiful?”
Omar stares out the window, which gives us a second to review Avery’s conversation topics:
1.) “He’s the love of my life.” (Check.)
2.) “We can live anywhere!” (Check.)
3.) “We’re finally married!” (Check.)
Having checked all of her boxes, Avery gets bored and demands an emotional outburst from Omar about how Shakespearean-agonized he feels about her forthcoming departure. Sort of odd to request theatrics from someone living in a war-torn nation where people constantly die or plot escape, but so is asking about whether Sephora is able to deliver between bombs.
Avery: I want you to be sad, like Romeo just before he killed himself.
Omar: Men don’t cry.
Avery: Is that in the Quran?
Omar: You didn’t read the Quran?
Avery: Is that in the Quran?
Omar: No.
Avery: Four more hours until I leave.
Omar: …
Avery: Is that a call to prayer? Three more hours until I leave.
Omar: ..
Avery: Two more hours until I leave. Is that in the Quran? I feel like you’re not going to miss me. I feel like this is all about the visa. Now that we’re legally married, I feel that I should question things.
Omar: Don’t apply for the visa then. I will miss you so very much. So beautiful. So nice. One more hour until you leave.
Speaking of riveting conversations, wondering about Rebecca and Zied? Here they are on the way to the Sahara Desert for a little sexy sexual sexy sex sex:
Rebecca: Do you love me?
Zied: I love you so much.
They’re going glamping, which is when you sleep in a tent but pack a suitcase with wheels, while wearing your best desert leather. Rebecca goes to smoke somewhere, which gives Zied a second to furiously rifle through his suitcase for the ring he bought with her money. This whole episode is like “Love, Actually” sucked through a black hole.
“Just thought I’d remind you of the endless drumroll leading up to my still-married confession,” Rebecca tells the camera, as it desperately hunts for something else to film.
The plot thickens when Rebecca “accidentally” shows Zied a picture of her ex while hunting for a photo of her grandkids. He mentions the photo was from five years ago, which must be when she pulled that guy out of grade school to get hitched. She’s appalled that he’s questioning her definitely totally innocent scrolling through photos to find a very specific one from supposedly five years ago, since she definitely has the same phone she did then, and just this one specific picture to show, and also integrity. How dare he question the commitment of a woman who’s still married?
Zied explains that he’s a jealous and controlling man, which leaves Rebecca confused about why he’s so jealous and controlling. Zied places a gorilla mitt on the back of her neck like a low rent pimp, so we can get a preview of the future domestic violence call, if they ever arrive at domestic. For the first time, I wish that Cesar would show up.
Next week, Jeniffer asks Tim if he’s gay, Tom swing dances around Nipple Watch 2: Electric Boobaloo, Avery is drunk on her mom’s pain, TLC uses Cesar as filler, and Zied runs off on the back of a motorcycle, because he doesn’t drive those either.
Thank you supporters of my Patreon for making this ongoing accident worth oggling. Without you, I would not-cry like Omar.
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2019.09.23 19:21 mcjunglejapes I gave this a good deal of thought and I think I'm satisfied with the results.

Ken - Charles Barkley
Rei - LeBron
Toki - Larry Bird
Raoh - Michael Jordan
Shin - Dennis Rodman
Shu - Kobe Bryant
Souther - Magic Johnson
Yuda - Scottie Pippen
Fudo - Shaq
Jagi - Charles Oakley
Yuria - Paula Abdul
Mamiya - Sue Bird
Rihaku - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Juza - Kevin Durant
Shuren - Steph Curry
Huey - Russel Westbrook
Spade - John Stockton
Club - Reggie Evans
Diamond - Karl Malone
Heart - Jerome "Big Snacks" James
Ryuken - Wilt Chamberlain
Devil Rebirth - Joel Embiid
Amiba - Jerry West
Ryu - Jeffrey Jordan
Bat and Lin would probably be two made-up kids who grow up to love basketball
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2019.09.18 07:42 tanooki64 Billboard Hot 100 Greatest Songs of All Time - 60th Anniversary

Chubby Checker
1960 R&B Male
Checker's transformative smash remains the No. 1 all-time Billboard Hot 100 hit, fueled by its dual run atop the weekly chart in September 1960 (for one week) and January 1962 (for two frames). "The Twist" is the only song to rule the Hot 100 in separate release cycles, as it returned to the top after adults caught on to the song and its namesake dance that younger audiences had first popularized. "That style of dancing wasn't there before," Checker, now 76, mused. "It was so explosive, it's never left the dance floor."
Santana Featuring Rob Thomas
1999 Rock Duo/Group
Decades before it launched a thousand Internet memes, "Smooth" was a straight-up four-quadrant smash. The combination of Matchbox 20 singer Rob Thomas' contemporary crossover popularity and Santana's eternal cool, in a moment particularly kind to Latin-tinged pop, proved roundly irresistible, giving the song both a tremendous peak and a long tail on the Hot 100 -- as it spent 30 weeks in the Hot 100's top 10, including 10 at No. 1.
Bobby Darin
1959 Pop Male
Hailing from Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill's 1928 masterpiece Threepenny Opera and detailing the brutal past of the play's lead, "Mack the Knife" was unlikely fodder for Bobby Darin, a teen idol fresh off the success of "Splish Splash," three decades later. But his English-language, swingin' jazz version of the German tune topped the one-year-old Billboard Hot 100 in 1959 for nine non-consecutive weeks -- despite Dick Clark's warning to Darin it wouldn't appeal to the rock-loving kids.
Mark Ronson Featuring Bruno Mars
2015 Pop Male
Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars had teamed up on a No. 1 hit before - the latter's "Locked out of Heaven," a six-week leader in 2012-13 (billed as by Mars only), but they bested themselves, and every other song of the 2010s to date, with "Uptown Funk!" The collab, which introduced Ronson's Uptown Special album and set weddings across the country ablaze, zoomed to the Hot 100's summit for 14 weeks, and finished 2015 as the year's top title.
LeAnn Rimes
1997 Country Female
One year after her Blue breakthrough, teen country sensation Leann Rimes angled more pop with this Diane Warren-penned ballad. The problem: It was too pop for the execs behind 1997 action flick Con Air, who wanted a country version for the film's soundtrack. Trisha Yearwood was recruited for that version, winning a Grammy, but Rimes' was the public's choice, hitting No. 2 on the Hot 100 and setting new records for most weeks in the top 10 (32), and most weeks on the chart (69), both since overtaken.
LMFAO Featuring Lauren Bennett & GoonRock
2011 Dance/Electronic Duo/Group
Party rock was in the penthouse of the Hot 100 for six weeks in 2011 as L.A. pop-rap outfit LMFAO's signature hit dominated the music mainstream. The duo of RedFoo and SkyBlu had Hot 100 success in their genes, as the son and grandson (respectively) of Berry Gordy -- founder of the legendary Motown label, whose roster enjoyed chart-topping success from the '60s through the '90s.
The Black Eyed Peas
2009 Pop Duo/Group
2009's longest-running Hot 100 No. 1 introduced American audiences to the work of French DJ-producer David Guetta, and helped the Peas reinvent themselves with an EDM-friendly sound. It also helped the group set records: When the song first debuted at No. 2 behind its album-mate "Boom Boom Pow," the Peas were one of 11 artists to occupy the Hot 100's top two spots simultaneously.
Los Del Rio
1996 Latin Duo/Group
A phenomenon that invaded pop culture in 1996, the Bayside Boys remix of Los Del Rio's "Macarena" started a dance craze that swept up pre-teens and politicians alike. The song also conquered the Hot 100 for 14 weeks -- a record for a mostly foreign-language song that lasted over two decades.
Ed Sheeran
2017 Pop Male
Sheeran's first Hot 100 No. 1 ruled for 12 weeks in 2017 and, even after the tropical-flavored pop jam's reign ended, it boasted record-breaking staying power: The song logged a record 33 weeks in the top 10 in 2017, all dating to its debut at the summit that January.
Olivia Newton-John
1981 Pop Female
Physical was the best of both worlds, mixing the zeitgeist of the '80s fitness craze with an eternally relevant subject: sex. The result, to which Newton-John herself admitted, "I think there's a double entendre," fittingly proved a master of endurance, staying atop the Hot 100 for a then-record-tying 10 weeks.
Debby Boone
1977 Country Female
Daughter of '50s superstar Pat Boone, Debby became a second-gen Hot 100 topper when her "You Light Up My Life" bested the chart for a then-record 10 weeks. Originally recorded as a love song for the 1977 film of the same name, Boone claimed her rendition was inspired by God.
The Beatles
1968 Rock Duo/Group
The biggest of The Beatles' still-unmatched 20 Hot 100 No. 1s, "Hey Jude" spent a then-record-tying nine weeks atop the chart. It wasn't just the song's reign that was long: The singalong epic ran seven minutes, longest for any No. 1 until Don McLean's "American Pie" in 1972.
The Chainsmokers Featuring Halsey
2016 Dance/Electronic Duo/Group
The Chainsmokers -- the EDM-pop duo of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart - followed the kitchy "#Selfie," which reached No. 16 on the Hot 100 in 2014, with three top 10s in 2016. The biggest of them was the 12-week No. 1 "Closer," a swoony team-up with alt-pop superstar Halsey.
Mariah Carey
2005 R&B Female
After a brief hiatus, Mariah Carey made the grandest comeback of her career thus far with 2005's "We Belong Together." It became the icon's 16th No. 1 on the Hot 100, spending a whopping 14 non-consecutive weeks on top.
Toni Braxton
1996 R&B Female
The gripping ballad "Un-Break My Heart" became Toni Braxton's second No. 1 single in 1996, following the double-sided "You're Makin' Me High"/"Let It Flow" -- both from her Grammy-nominated sophomore album Secrets. "Un-Break My Heart" stayed atop the Hot 100 for 11 weeks.
Usher Featuring Lil Jon & Ludacris
2004 R&B Male
Yeah! struck a perfect balance of 2004's hottest sounds: Usher's smooth R&B; vocals, Ludacris' free-flowing rhymes and Lil Jon's crunk-R&B; hybrid production. The trio of Atlanta natives was rewarded with 12 weeks atop the Hot 100, in a year where every No. 1 was performed by a person of color.
Kim Carnes
1981 Pop Female
Originally recorded by co-writer Jackie DeShannon in 1974, Kim Carnes' smoky, synth-heavy remake topped the Hot 100 for nine non-consecutive weeks in 1981. The Hollywood icon herself thanked Carnes for the song in a letter; after its Grammy wins for song and record of the year, Davis sent Carnes roses.
Diana Ross & Lionel Richie
1981 R&B Male/Female
A meeting of two generations of Motown icons yielded the biggest hit for each: "Love" gave Ross her sixth and final solo No. 1, while Richie earned his first of five solo chart-toppers. Despite the ballad's success, the duo has only performed it live once, at the 1982 Academy Awards.
Rod Stewart
1976 Rock Male
A paean to the act of virgin deflowering from the classic rocker, "Tonight's the Night" struck enough of a chord with 1976 audiences to spend eight weeks atop the Hot 100. The second of Rod Stewart's four No. 1s, the ballad also features a French spoken-word segment from then-girlfriend Britt Ekland.
1997 Pop Female
Alaskan singer-songwriter Jewel spent a then-record 65 weeks on the Hot 100 in 1997 with this split single, thanks to the individual popularity of both breakup songs: the wistful "Meant" and the bitter "Foolish." The single peaked at No. 2, both on the weekly chart and Billboard's 1997 year-end tally.
Bryan Adams
1991 Pop Male
Like each of Canadian rocker Bryan Adams' four Hot 100 toppers, 1991's "I Do It for You" hailed from a film soundtrack, serving as love theme for the Kevin Costner blockbuster Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. The power ballad spent seven weeks at No. 1, a career-best for Adams.
Boyz II Men
1994 R&B Duo/Group
Boyz II Men ceded their single-song record for longest stay at No. 1 to Whitney Houston, but didn't stay in second place for long. With 1994's "I'll Make Love to You," they tied Houston's then-record, and became the first act to have two songs each claim double-digit-week runs at No. 1.
Percy Faith And His Orchestra
1960 Pop Male
While the titular Sandra Dee drama that spawned it was shortly forgotten, conductor Percy Faith's cover of "Theme From 'A Summer Place'" made history, spending a record nine weeks at No. 1. The mark went unbeaten for 17 years, and "Theme" remains the longest-reigning instrumental in Hot 100 history.
1978 Dance/Electronic Duo/Group
Originally written by Chic's Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards as a response to NYC nightclub Studio 54 denying them entry, a title change from "fuck off" to "freak out" resulted in the band's first No. 1, a wiggly disco stomper that topped the chart for six non-consecutive weeks in 1978-79.
Bee Gees
1977 Pop Duo/Group
Not every Bee Gees smash followed in the strutting footsteps of Saturday Night Fever smashes "Night Fever" and "Stayin' Alive." The 1977 soundtrack's first single, blissful ballad "How Deep Is Your Love," showcased Barry, Maurice and Robin Gibb's softer side and ranks as their top-charting hit.
1982 Rock Duo/Group
Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger" has soundtracked countless sports montages since Rocky III introduced it to the world (and the Hot 100's apex) in 1982. The song also beat the previous chart best of writesinger Jim Peterik, whose group Ides of March hit No. 2 with "Vehicle" in 1970.
Rihanna Featuring Calvin Harris
2011 Pop Female
Rihanna ruled the charts -- and pretty much the entire music world -- with 2011's "We Found Love." The Calvin Harris-assisted dance smash spent 10 consecutive weeks at the top spot, surpassing the seven-week run of "Umbrella" to become Rihanna's biggest hit.
Flo Rida Featuring T-Pain
2008 Hip-Hop/Rap Male
Combining elements of Southern hip-hop with the uptempo pace of dance music, "Low" -- with its over-enunciated T-Pain hook (Apple Bottom jeeeeanz! Boots with the furrrrr!) -- helped usher in a new era of genre-bending club music, and set Flo Rida up to snag 10 more top 10 hits.
Andy Gibb
1977 Pop Male
While his three brothers were conquering the Hot 100 as the Bee Gees, Andy Gibb joined the club with "I Just Want to Be Your Everything," the first of his own three No. 1s on the chart. It remained a family affair: brother Barry wrote and co-produced the disco smash.
1998 R&B Duo/Group
Next's first and only Hot 100 No. 1 is an allusion to getting horny while dancing at a club. The R&B; group charted five Hot 100 entries, all in the top 40, between 1997 and 2002, returning to the top 10 with "Wifey" in 2000.
The Police
1983 Rock Duo/Group
Post-punk arena-rockers The Police topped the Hot 100 for eight weeks in 1983 with this ode of unreciprocated romantic intensity, often mistaken by marrying couples as a straightforward ballad of devotion. The song was the band's first Hot 100 No. 1, and their last, as the trio disbanded shortly after.
Gotye Featuring Kimbra
2012 Rock Male
This minimal breakup duet became the surprise smash of 2012, ruling the Hot 100 for eight weeks. Six years later, the two singer-songwriters have only graced the chart once more between them -- with "Eyes Wide Open," a No. 96 hit for Gotye in May 2012.
Luis Fonsi & Daddy Yankee Featuring Justin Bieber
2017 Latin Male
After Justin Bieber jumped on its remix, "Despacito" blasted to No. 1, eventually tying Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men's "One Sweet Day" for the longest Hot 100 reign: 16 weeks. The influence of "Despacito" has since impacted Latin crossovers like J Balvin and Willy William's "Mi Gente," featuring Beyoncé.
Irene Cara
1983 Pop Female
Flashdance was a surprise box office smash in 1983, boosting singer-actress Irene Cara's soundtrack cut "Flashdance What a Feeling" to No.1 for six weeks that same year. With music from disco titan Giorgio Moroder and lyrics co-written by Cara herself, the song earned the best original song Oscar.
2011 Pop Female
Thanks to appearances on Billboard's Latin, rock, rhythmic, adult contemporary, and pop charts -- just to name a few -- "Rolling in the Deep" was heralded as one of the biggest crossover hits of all time, and kicked off a trilogy of consecutive No. 1s from the singer's blockbuster LP 21.
Bobby Lewis
1961 R&B Male
The R&B; singer struck gold with "Tossin' and Turnin'," which clocked seven weeks at No. 1 and was the chart's top performing single of 1961. It was so big, it spawned a later sequel of sorts: "I'm Tossin' and Turnin' Again," which peaked at No. 98 the next year.
Johnny Horton
1959 Rock Male
As rock was taking hold in the late '50s, the Hot 100 still found room for country singer Johnny Horton's retelling of the titular War of 1812 battle, becoming Billboard's No. 1 song for 1959. The song also won just the second-ever Grammy for song of the year that November.
Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men
1995 R&B Female/Duo/Group
With 12 combined Hot 100 No. 1s between them already at the time of "One Sweet Day," it was no surprise that Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men's collaboration was an instant hit. The track debuted at No. 1 in 1995 and held for an unprecedented 16 weeks, a stint matched only once since.
Savage Garden
1998 Pop Duo/Group
Truly Madly Deeply was the first of two No. 1 hits for the Australian pop duo, with "I Knew I Loved You" following in 2000. The latter ballad made history as the longest-running song on Billboard's Adult Contemporary chart: 124 weeks. "Truly" is second with its own whopping 123-week run.
1976 Rock Duo/Group
Quite possibly the nicest response track ever written, Paul McCartney brushed off critics accusing Wings of specializing in sentimental pap with this bass-heavy, disco-flavored single (Wingle?). It topped the Hot 100 for five non-consecutive weeks in 1976, becoming Macca's fifth post-Beatles No. 1.
Marvin Gaye
1973 R&B Male
Marvin Gaye spoke about social issues on his 1971 album, What's Going On; two years later, he had zeroed in on more personal topics on the upfront "Let's Get It On." Audiences "got it" and pushed the lovemaking classic to the Hot 100's top spot for two weeks in 1973.
Bee Gees
1978 Dance/Electronic Duo/Group
The partial title track to the 1977's iconic Saturday Night Fever, this disco groover became yet another Bee Gees No. 1 from the soundtrack in March 1978. It was part of a remarkable winning streak for songwriter Barry Gibb, who had writing credits on four consecutive chart-toppers that year.
1980 Rock Duo/Group
Inspired by disco hitmakers Chic, Queen bassist Roger Deacon crafted a sparse, irresistibly funky 1980 single that topped the Hot 100 for three weeks; it was the band's second and final No. 1. Before getting Survivor's "Eye of the Tiger," Sylvester Stallone used it in early edits of Rocky III.
Paul McCartney And Michael Jackson
1983 Pop Male
While the McCartney/MJ duet "The Girl Is Mine" from the latter's Thriller peaked at No. 2, "Say Say Say" from Macca's significantly less-acclaimed Pipes of Peace LP topped the Hot 100 for six weeks from 1983-84. The video boasts cameos from Linda McCartney and La Toya Jackson.
2001 Rock Duo/Group
Canadian rock quartet Nickelback started the new millennium as one of the most successful (though critically reviled) bands on the charts. The raging "How You Remind Me" was the first of its six Hot 100 top 10s -- and to date, its only No. 1, topping the 2002 year-end Hot 100 tally.
Dawn Featuring Tony Orlando
1973 Pop Duo/Group
A quintessential '70s story song, "Tie a Yellow Ribbon" told of a returning prisoner of war asking his girl to perform the titular action if he's still welcome in her life. The jaunty tune hit No. 1 for four weeks in 1973, and popularized nationwide yellow-ribbon usage to welcome back Vietnam veterans.
Tommy Edwards
1958 R&B Male
It's All in the Game topped the Hot 100 in 1958 via soul singer Tommy Edwards' take. "Game" was based on an instrumental composed by eventual U.S. Vice President Charles G. Dawes, making him the only VP with a writing credit on a No. 1 hit.
The Beatles
1964 Rock Duo/Group
I Want to Hold Your Hand launched The Beatles towards their vaunted place in music history, and on the Billboard charts. The group reigns as the all-time top act in the Hot 100's archives, while its iconic U.S. breakthrough single became its first of its record 20 No. 1s.
Andy Gibb
1978 Pop Male
Co-written with his brothers Barry, Robin and Maurice (a.k.a. the Bee Gees), Andy Gibb's third and final No. 1 reigned for seven weeks in 1978 when the youngest Gibb brother was just 20 years old. After struggling with addiction for years, Andy Gibb died at age 30 in 1988.
Carly Rae Jepsen
2012 Pop Female
Jepsen's signature tune boasts the greatest chorus of the 21st century (according to a Billboard staff ranking), but it took tweets from Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez -- not to mention endless lip dubs and parodies -- to help the former Canadian Idol contestant's swoon-worthy pop ditty blow up in 2012.
Robin Thicke Featuring T.I. + Pharrell
2013 R&B Male
Though the song would ultimately prove controversial and legally troublesome, "Blurred Lines" briefly made a pop star of Los Angeles R&B; singer Robin Thicke with its infectious hook, irresistible groove and NSFW video. The song reigned on the Hot 100 for 12 weeks in 2013, the year's longest-running chart-topper.
Elton John
1997 Pop Male
Originally an ode to Marilyn Monroe, "Candle" was updated after the death of Elton John's friend, Diana, Princess of Wales, in a 1997 car crash. The tribute scored a Nielsen Music-era record 3.4 million single sales in one week, and held the Hot 100 No. 1 slot for 14 weeks.
Alicia Keys
2007 R&B Female
The theme of "love conquers all" had powered many Alicia Keys songs by 2007, but "No One" took the R&B; singer's favorite message to a new level, becoming her second solo No. 1, and earning her two more Grammys.
Whitney Houston
1992 R&B Female
Two weeks after "End of the Road" vacated the Hot 100's apex, "Always" took over - for a then-record 14 weeks. Houston's retooling of Dolly Parton's classic ballad accompanied her film debut in The Bodyguard, and returned to No. 3 on the chart after her 2012 death.
Boyz II Men
1992 R&B Duo/Group
With its first No. 1, the Philadelphia R&B; quartet broke one of the Hot 100's most prized records, as "Road" spent a then-unprecedented 13 weeks on top. The feat, 15 years in the making, lasted four months, but the Boyz reclaimed the mark in 1994 and outdid that in 1996.
The Black Eyed Peas
2009 Pop Duo/Group
No other act has achieved a streak that the Black Eyed Peas linked in 2009, when Fergie,, and Taboo reigned for a record 26 consecutive weeks. The streak kicked off with the 12-week reign of "Boom Boom Pow," a electro-funk banger than became the group's first No. 1.
1980 Rock Duo/Group
When Stevie Nicks turned down Giorgio Moroder's request to write a song for the American Gigolo soundtrack, the Italian disco producer looked to Blondie's Debbie Harry, who turned around the topline to this new wave chart-topper (the second of four No. 1s the band would accrue) in a few hours.
2005 R&B Male
The magic of Ne-Yo's songwriting and Scott Storch's production led to R&B; singer Mario's sole No. 1 single. "Let Me Love You" spent nine consecutive weeks atop the Hot 100 in early 2005.
Bee Gees
1978 Dance/Electronic Duo/Group
The Saturday Night Fever soundtrack included six songs by brother trio Bee Gees; of those, five were No. 1s. This falsetto-powered disco strutter reigned for four weeks in 1978, ceding the top spot to "(Love Is) Thicker Than Water" - a song by Andy Gibb, the band's younger brother.
Kenny Rogers
1980 Country Male
The idea was that Lionel would come from R&B; and I'd come from country, and we'd meet somewhere in pop, Kenny Rogers said of working with writer-producer Lionel Richie on "Lady." It proved a sweet spot: The love song became country vet Rogers' first Hot 100 No. 1 in 1980.
2010 Pop Female
Though she would later bristle (to say the least) at the rapping party-girl persona she introduced here, Kesha's first solo single was also an instant star-making No. 1. -- mixing elements of French house music with hip-hop flavor and pop star largesse.
The Monkees
1966 Pop Duo/Group
By 1966, The Monkees capitalized on the exposure of their eponymous NBC comedy, landing three No. 1s, among six top 10s, through 1968. The longest leader was the Neil Diamond-penned pop gem "I'm a Believer," which reigned for six weeks from 1966-67.
Kanye West Featuring Jamie Foxx
2005 Hip-Hop/Rap Male
Gold Digger, the 2005 Ray Charles-sampling warning for men, became rapper Kanye West and guest singer Jamie Foxx's second No. 1 single, following their prior collab "Slow Jamz." It spent its 10 weeks atop the Hot 100, making it the longest-leading of West's four No. 1s.
Timbaland Featuring OneRepublic
2007 Pop Male
Originally recorded by Colorado pop-rockers OneRepublic for their own Dreaming Out Loud album, "Apologize" received a hip-hop-flavored remix by superproducer Timbaland for his Shock Value set. The new version of the piano ballad bound to No. 2 on the Hot 100 in 2007, making radio stars of OneRepublic.
Ace Of Base
1994 Pop Duo/Group
The Swedish quartet already had a smash with the No. 2-peaking "All that She Wants," but "The Sign" -- their first stateside No. 1 -- proved the group's hooky songcraft was no fluke, and put Stockholm on the map in the music industry as an untapped hit-making capital.
The J. Geils Band
1982 Rock Duo/Group
After building a touring fanbase throughout the '70s, the J. Geils Band experienced its greatest crossover success in 1982 with the Hot 100-topping, synth-driven "Centerfold." The song was helped by a fun high school-set video, directed by Paul Justman -- brother of keyboardist and "Centerfold" writer Seth Justman.
Meghan Trainor
2014 Pop Female
Though atypical for its time sonically, Meghan Trainor's doo-wop-inspired debut had staying power: It remained in the Hot 100's top 10 for 25 weeks, becoming only the 10th song in Hot 100 history to do so at the time.
John Lennon
1980 Rock Male
The first single from John Lennon and Yoko Ono's joint album Double Fantasy was the last single released in his lifetime. A No. 1 for five weeks following his Dec. 8, 1980 murder, it marked his second solo Hot 100 topper, following 1974's "Whatever Gets You Thru the Night."
2013 Rock Female
A prodigious New Zealand teen writes a song about not relating to anything on the radio, then ends up ruling it anyway: The pop star's minimalist, finger-snapping debut single was such an alternative to what was dominating top 40 then, it was actually promoted to alternative radio stations first.
Brandy & Monica
1998 R&B Female
This smash was partly inspired by "The Girl Is Mine," the hit Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney duet and lead single from the former's Thriller blockbuster. In this battle of the sexes, the women won: "Girl" stopped at No. 2 in 1983, while "Boy" lasted 13 weeks at No. 1.
Stevie B
1990 Pop Male
While Florida singer Stevie B is largely remembered for his late '80s freestyle bangers, it was a ballad that took him to the Hot 100's apex in 1990. The song's distinctive parenthetical comes from its opening line: "I got your letter from the postman just the other day."
Joan Jett & the Blackhearts
1982 Rock Duo/Group
Originally recorded by '70s band The Arrows, "I Love Rock 'N Roll" became the signature hit for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts in 1982, crowning the Hot 100 for seven weeks. The shout-along anthem was the rockers' only No. 1, but they returned to the top 40 eight more times.
The 5th Dimension
1969 Pop Duo/Group
A medley of two songs from the late-'60s musical phenomenon Hair, The Fifth Dimension's hymn of "harmony and understanding" became the mixed-gender vocal group's biggest hit, topping the Hot 100 for six weeks in 1969. The two-part recording went on to win record of the year at the 1970 Grammys.
Tag Team
1993 Hip-Hop/Rap Duo/Group
Although "Whoomp!" never hit No. 1 -- UB40's "Can't Help Falling in Love" and Mariah Carey's "Dreamlover" intervened -- the hip-hop classic's seven weeks at No. 2 rank it among the all-time top Hot 100 hits, inspiring two charting spinoffs by the act: 1993's "Addams Family (Whoomp!)," and 1994's "Whoomp (There It Went)."
Maroon 5 Featuring Christina Aguilera
2011 Pop Duo/Group
Maroon 5 and Christina Aguilera added a sixth No. 1 to their combined tally with the pop-funk jam "Moves Like Jagger" in 2011. The collab's success coincided with the first season of U.S. version of singing competition show The Voice, where both Aguilera and M5 frontman Adam Levine starred as coaches.
Paul McCartney And Stevie Wonder
1982 Pop Male
One of two Macca/Stevie duets on the former's George Martin-produced 1982 album Tug of War, "Ebony and Ivory" topped the Hot 100 for seven weeks that same year. Excluding The Beatles, this earnest plea for racial equality was the longest-running No. 1 for both artists.
Paula Abdul
1991 Pop Female
After five upbeat singles (and four No. 1s) from her debut album, Paula Abdul released this ballad from sophomore set Spellbound. It became her biggest hit yet, and its five weeks at No. 1 was the most for any song since Madonna's "Like a Virgin," which ruled for six weeks from 1984-1985.
Dionne & Friends
1986 R&B Duo/Group
Less than a year after USA for Africa's "We Are the World," another charity collaboration reigned as America's top song. This time, "That's What Friends Are For" united Dionne Warwick with Elton John, Gladys Knight and Stevie Wonder, with the single's proceeds benefiting the American Foundation for AIDS research.
2014 R&B Male
Though he'd already produced and/or appeared on countless smash hits, Pharrell Williams didn't top the Hot 100 as a lead artist until 2013's "Happy," a ten-week No. 1. The exuberant pop anthem originally appeared on the Despicable Me 2 soundtrack, before leading Pharrell's solo debut LP, GIRL.
Diana Ross
1980 Dance/Electronic Female
To kick off her third decade in the music business, Ross enlisted Chic architects Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards to update her sound. Despite friction between performer and producers, the collaboration yielded some of Ross' biggest solo hits, including "Down," which zoomed up the Hot 100, ruling for four weeks.
The Archies
1969 Pop Duo/Group
Before The CW's Riverdale, Archie Comics brought the all-American gang of fictional high schoolers to TV in 1968 with The Archie Show. That begat virtual band The Archies (made up of session musicians), who scored a real-life No. 1 for four weeks in 1969 with the bubblegum classic "Sugar, Sugar."
Bruno Mars
2010 Pop Male
Singer-songwriter Billy Joel had his own "Just the Way You Are" smash in 1978. But while that Grammy-winner topped out at No. 3 on the Hot 100, versatile entertainer Bruno Mars' ballad of the same name made it all the way to No. 1 in 2010, lasting for four weeks.
Nelly Featuring Kelly Rowland
2002 Hip-Hop/Rap Male
Nelly was one of the most successful rappers of the early '00s, solidifying that status with 2002's Grammy-winning single "Dilemma." Alongside Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland, "Dilemma" followed prior single "Hot in Herre" to No. 1 on the Hot 100, and kept its position for 10 weeks.
Marvin Gaye
1968 R&B Male
Motown had a hit with this song twice in one year by two different artists: Gladys Knight and The Pips took their upbeat version to No. 2 in December 1967, but by December 1968 it was Marvin Gaye's sly take ruling the charts, landing a seven-week stay at No. 1.
Shania Twain
1998 Country Female
Shania Twain fused traditional country with modern pop in a winning combo that peaked with Come on Over, the second-best-selling album in the U.S. since 1991, according to Nielsen Music. She scored biggest with pop-tinged ballad "You're Still the One," an eight-week No. 2 Hot 100 hit in 1998.
Michael Jackson
1983 R&B Male
Of the King of Pop's 13 No. 1 hits, this pop classic's seven-week rule ties "Black and White" for his longest-leading No. 1. The song's famous opening groove was inspired by a fellow Hot 100-topper from a year earlier: Daryl Hall and John Oates' "I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)."
Donna Summer
1979 Dance/Electronic Female
Casablanca Records president Neil Bogart suggested Summer pass this rock-edged dance song to Cher, but the Queen of Disco was eager to expand her dominion to other genres. Smart move: "Stuff" hit No. 1 in June 1979, and won Summer her first Grammy, for best female rock vocal performance.
Post Malone Featuring 21 Savage
2017 Hip-Hop/Rap Male
Post Malone first broke through to the Hot 100's Top 20 with "White Iverson" and "Congratulations," which peaked at No. 14 and No. 8, respectively. But in October 2017, the rapper and featured guest 21 Savage gained their first No. 1 each with the inescapable "Rockstar," which ruled the chart for eight weeks.
Coolio Featuring L.V.
1995 Hip-Hop/Rap Male
The biggest of Compton rapper Coolio's mid-'90s hits, "Gangster's Paradise" spent three weeks at No. 1. The song was written for high school drama Dangerous Minds, but was Oscar-ineligible, due to its interpolation of Stevie Wonder's "Pastime Paradise."
The Steve Miller Band
1982 Rock Duo/Group
Classic rockers Steve Miller Band proved they could transition to the MTV era with the new wave smash "Abracadabra," a two-week No. 1 in late 1982. Miller later revealed to People that the song's lyrics were inspired by The Supremes, who he came across while out skiing one day.
Ed Sheeran
2017 Pop Male
Sheeran has openly admitted that "Perfect" was a deliberate attempt to outdo his other signature ballad, 2014's "Thinking Out Loud." On the charts, at least, it worked: "Loud" stopped at No. 2, while "Perfect" -- helped by a duet remix with Beyonce -- logged six weeks at No. 1.
Carly Simon
1973 Pop Female
This 1973 No. 1 has become part of the pop music vernacular, referenced in subsequent hits by artists ranging from Janet Jackson to Nine Inch Nails. Its subject, an arrogant male ex, has been the topic of decades of speculation, with singer-songwriter Simon still yet to reveal the whole truth.
Wild Cherry
1976 R&B Duo/Group
A classic party-starter for 40-plus years, "Play That Funky Music" shot to No. 1 in 1976 as the Ohio funk band's first Hot 100 hit. Wild Cherry never hit the top 40 again, but "Funky" returned to the top five in 1990, thanks to a reinterpretation by rapper Vanilla Ice.
Lionel Richie
1985 R&B Male
Released at the peak of the R&B; star's popularity, "Say You, Say Me" became Lionel Richie's fifth (and to date, final) Hot 100 No. 1 in December 1985. Written for the ballet drama White Nights, the love ballad would also win the Oscar and Golden Globe for best original song.
The Knack
1979 Rock Duo/Group
Inspired by The Knack singer Doug Fieger's real-life girlfriend Sharona Alperin and a GOAT riff from guitarist Berton Averre, these Los Angeles new wavers saw their debut single top the Hot 100 for six weeks in 1979. It re-entered in 1994 thanks to the movie Reality Bites, reaching No. 91.
Lionel Richie
1983 R&B Male
Parti. Karamu. Fiesta. Forever. The former Commodores frontman added spice to his solo career with this Caribbean-influenced jam, which became his third Hot 100 No. 1. The tune nearly visited the summit again in 2010, as reworked into the hook of Enrique Iglesias' "I Like It," which reached No. 3.
Sinead O'Connor
1990 Rock Female
Acclaimed Irish singer-songwriter Sinéad O'Connor's lone Hot 100 top 40 hit came in 1990 with the Prince-scribed megaballad "Nothing Compares 2 U." The song topped the chart for four weeks, and its iconic music video won Video of the Year at the MTV Video Music Awards that September.
1994 R&B Duo/Group
California R&B; quartet All-4-One scored an 11-week chart-topper with the massive 1994 ballad "I Swear." A wedding favorite, the song was also a No. 1 Hot Country Songs hit the same year for country star John Michael Montgomery, its original performer.
Mary J. Blige
2001 R&B Female
Nine years after making her Hot 100 top 40 debut, Mary J. Blige celebrated her first No. 1 hit with 2001's "Family Affair." The R&B; icon's single had everyone grooving "in this dancery" for six straight weeks on top.
1981 Rock Duo/Group
Foreigner's lush ballad, its first such smash after ten harder-hitting Hot 100 entries beginning in 1977, zoomed to No. 2 in November 1981. The song spent a then-record 10 weeks peaking in the runner-up spot, a run since matched only by Missy Elliott's "Work It" in 2002.
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2019.09.18 07:40 tanooki64 Top 500 Songs of the 1990s

1 Smooth Santana Featuring Rob Thomas
2 How Do I Live LeAnn Rimes
3 Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix) Los Del Rio
4 Un-Break My Heart Toni Braxton
5 You Were Meant For Me Jewel
6 (Everything I Do) I Do It For You Bryan Adams
7 I'll Make Love To You Boyz II Men
8 Too Close Next
9 One Sweet Day Mariah Carey & Boyz II Men
10 Truly Madly Deeply Savage Garden
11 Candle In The Wind 1997 Elton John
12 I Will Always Love You Whitney Houston
13 End Of The Road (From "Boomerang") Boyz II Men
14 The Sign Ace Of Base
15 The Boy Is Mine Brandy & Monica
16 Because I Love You (The Postman Song) Stevie B
17 Whoomp! (There It Is) Tag Team
18 Rush Rush Paula Abdul
19 You're Still The One Shania Twain
20 Gangsta's Paradise (From "Dangerous Minds") Coolio Featuring L.V.
21 Nothing Compares 2 U Sinead O'Connor
22 I Swear All-4-One
23 I'll Be Missing You Puff Daddy & Faith Evans Featuring 112
24 You Make Me Wanna... Usher
25 Another Night Real McCoy
26 Nobody Knows The Tony Rich Project
27 Because You Loved Me (From "Up Close & Personal") Celine Dion
28 Creep TLC
29 Waterfalls TLC
30 Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) C+C Music Factory
31 Vogue Madonna
32 Love Takes Time Mariah Carey
33 Iris Goo Goo Dolls
34 It Must Have Been Love (From "Pretty Woman") Roxette
35 Vision Of Love Mariah Carey
36 Hold On Wilson Phillips
37 I Wanna Sex You Up (From "New Jack City") Color Me Badd
38 One More Try Timmy T.
39 On Bended Knee Boyz II Men
40 You're Makin' Me High/Let It Flow Toni Braxton
41 From A Distance Bette Midler
42 Don't Speak No Doubt
43 Fantasy Mariah Carey
44 Unbelievable EMF
45 The First Time Surface
46 Take A Bow Madonna
47 Can't Nobody Hold Me Down Puff Daddy (Featuring Mase)
48 More Than Words Extreme
49 Escapade Janet Jackson
50 No Diggity BLACKstreet (Featuring Dr. Dre)
51 I Like The Way (The Kissing Game) Hi-Five
52 Poison Bell Biv DeVoe
53 Can't Help Falling In Love (From "Sliver") UB40
54 Emotions Mariah Carey
55 Quit Playing Games (With My Heart) Backstreet Boys
56 No Scrubs TLC
57 Dreamlover Mariah Carey
58 Opposites Attract Paula Abdul (Duet With The Wild Pair)
59 The First Night Monica
60 Nobody's Supposed To Be Here Deborah Cox
61 Torn Natalie Imbruglia
62 Twisted Keith Sweat
63 I Love You Always Forever Donna Lewis
64 Believe Cher
65 Kiss From A Rose Seal
66 It's All Coming Back To Me Now Celine Dion
67 The Power Of Love Celine Dion
68 Baby Baby Amy Grant
69 That's The Way Love Goes Janet Jackson
70 Where My Girls At? 702
71 All That She Wants Ace Of Base
72 Justify My Love Madonna
73 Blaze Of Glory (From "Young Guns II") Jon Bon Jovi
74 How Am I Supposed To Live Without You Michael Bolton
75 Baby Got Back Sir Mix-A-Lot
76 Someday Mariah Carey
77 Hero Mariah Carey
78 Stay (I Missed You) Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories
79 This Is How We Do It Montell Jordan
80 I Adore Mi Amor Color Me Badd
81 All The Man That I Need Whitney Houston
82 Don't Let Go (Love) En Vogue
83 Pump Up The Jam Technotronic Featuring Felly
84 High Enough Damn Yankees
85 Bohemian Rhapsody Queen
86 Close To You Maxi Priest
87 Always Be My Baby Mariah Carey
88 Release Me Wilson Phillips
89 I'm Your Baby Tonight Whitney Houston
90 Step By Step New Kids On The Block
91 Together Again Janet
92 Black Velvet Alannah Myles
93 Give Me One Reason Tracy Chapman
94 Freak Me Silk
95 Do Me! Bell Biv DeVoe
96 I Need To Know Marc Anthony
97 Jump Kris Kross
98 Nobody Keith Sweat Featuring Athena Cage
99 Back At One Brian McKnight
100 I Don't Wanna Cry Mariah Carey
101 Genie In A Bottle Christina Aguilera
102 Return Of The Mack Mark Morrison
103 She Ain't Worth It Glenn Medeiros Featuring Bobby Brown
104 Wannabe Spice Girls
105 Always Bon Jovi
106 Breathe Again Toni Braxton
107 Cradle Of Love (From "Ford Fairlane") Billy Idol
108 Ice Ice Baby Vanilla Ice
109 If You Had My Love Jennifer Lopez
110 Romantic Karyn White
111 Informer Snow
112 I Believe I Can Fly (From "Space Jam") R. Kelly
113 I Don't Have The Heart James Ingram
114 Angel Of Mine Monica
115 Good Vibrations Marky Mark & The Funky Bunch Featuring Loleatta Holloway
116 All I Wanna Do Is Make Love To You Heart
117 Love Will Never Do (Without You) Janet Jackson
118 Right Here, Right Now Jesus Jones
119 ...Baby One More Time Britney Spears
120 Motownphilly Boyz II Men
121 Missing Everything But The Girl
122 (Can't Live Without Your) Love And Affection Nelson
123 Save The Best For Last Vanessa Williams
124 Weak SWV
125 Do Anything Natural Selection
126 Here Comes The Hotstepper (From "Ready To Wear") Ini Kamoze
127 If Wishes Came True Sweet Sensation
128 Coming Out Of The Dark Gloria Estefan
129 Tha Crossroads Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
130 Hold On En Vogue
131 I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That) Meat Loaf
132 Change The World Eric Clapton
133 If I Ever Fall In Love Shai
134 Kiss Me Sixpence None The Richer
135 Livin' La Vida Loca Ricky Martin
136 You're In Love Wilson Phillips
137 Unpretty TLC
138 Again Janet Jackson
139 Exhale (Shoop Shoop) (From "Waiting To Exhale") Whitney Houston
140 Semi-Charmed Life Third Eye Blind
141 Cream Prince And The N.P.G.
142 My Way Usher
143 All My Life K-Ci & JoJo
144 All Around The World Lisa Stansfield
145 I'll Be There For You/This House Is Not A Home The Rembrandts
146 Sensitivity Ralph Tresvant
147 Joyride Roxette
148 Baby-Baby-Baby TLC
149 Unskinny Bop Poison
150 Love Will Lead You Back Taylor Dayne
151 Crush Jennifer Paige
152 Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? Bryan Adams
153 Lately Divine
154 Bump N' Grind R. Kelly
155 Walkin' On The Sun Smash Mouth
156 All For Love Bryan Adams/Rod Stewart/Sting
157 C'mon N' Ride It (The Train) Quad City DJ's
158 I've Been Thinking About You Londonbeat
159 All I Wanna Do Sheryl Crow
160 I'd Die Without You (From "Boomerang") P.M. Dawn
161 All 4 Love Color Me Badd
162 Nice & Slow Usher
163 Hold You Tight Tara Kemp
164 It's So Hard To Say Goodbye To Yesterday Boyz II Men
165 I Wanna Be Rich Calloway
166 Don't Take It Personal (Just One Of Dem Days) Monica
167 Ironic Alanis Morissette
168 Don't Turn Around Ace Of Base
169 Water Runs Dry Boyz II Men
170 Nuthin' But A "G" Thang Dr. Dre
171 Rump Shaker Wreckx-N-Effect
172 Rub You The Right Way Johnny Gill
173 Wild Night John Mellencamp With Me'Shell Ndegeocello
174 Don't Wanna Fall In Love Jane Child
175 Heartbreak Hotel Whitney Houston Feat. Faith Evans & Kelly Price
176 Impulsive Wilson Phillips
177 MMMBop Hanson
178 Mo Money Mo Problems The Notorious B.I.G. Featuring Puff Daddy & Mase
179 The Power Snap!
180 Name Goo Goo Dolls
181 Two To Make It Right Seduction
182 I Can Love You Like That All-4-One
183 Every Heartbeat Amy Grant
184 Rhythm Is A Dancer Snap!
185 Can't Stop This Thing We Started Bryan Adams
186 When A Man Loves A Woman Michael Bolton
187 Black Or White Michael Jackson
188 Touch Me (All Night Long) Cathy Dennis
189 Where Do You Go No Mercy
190 Mouth Merril Bainbridge
191 Every Morning Sugar Ray
192 I'm Your Angel R. Kelly & Celine Dion
193 Runaway Janet Jackson
194 It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over Lenny Kravitz
195 Hey Lover LL Cool J
196 Losing My Religion R.E.M.
197 Here We Go C+C Music Factory/F. Williams
198 Something To Believe In Poison
199 I'll Be Your Everything Tommy Page
200 Rhythm Nation Janet Jackson
201 Praying For Time George Michael
202 Freak Like Me Adina Howard
203 Sittin' Up In My Room (From "Waiting To Exhale") Brandy
204 Summertime D.J. Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince
205 Tom's Diner DNA Featuring Suzanne Vega
206 Alright Janet Jackson
207 Adia Sarah McLachlan
208 For You I Will (From "Space Jam") Monica
209 My Lovin' (You're Never Gonna Get It) En Vogue
210 I'm Too Sexy Right Said Fred
211 Tears In Heaven Eric Clapton
212 Dangerous Roxette
213 Have You Ever? Brandy
214 The Promise Of A New Day Paula Abdul
215 Candy Rain Soul For Real
216 Without You/Never Forget You Mariah Carey
217 P.A.S.S.I.O.N. Rhythm Syndicate
218 Sending All My Love Linear
219 How Do U Want It/California Love 2Pac Featuring K-Ci And JoJo
220 Groove Is In The Heart Deee-Lite
221 Black Cat Janet Jackson
222 Under The Bridge Red Hot Chili Peppers
223 Don't Walk Away Jade
224 When Can I See You Babyface
225 Where Does My Heart Beat Now Celine Dion
226 I Don't Want To Miss A Thing Aerosmith
227 More Than Words Can Say Alias
228 Because Of You 98 Degrees
229 Roam The B-52s
230 Lovefool The Cardigans
231 Downtown Train Rod Stewart
232 Bitch Meredith Brooks
233 Run-Around Blues Traveler
234 Just Another Day Jon Secada
235 Knockin' Da Boots H-Town
236 Power Of Love/Love Power Luther Vandross
237 One Headlight The Wallflowers
238 Set Adrift On Memory Bliss P.M. Dawn
239 Love Is A Wonderful Thing Michael Bolton
240 All Star Smash Mouth
241 Everything Jody Watley
242 I Want It That Way Backstreet Boys
243 You Gotta Be Des'ree
244 Have You Seen Her M.C. Hammer
245 I Know Dionne Farris
246 Wind Of Change Scorpions
247 Boombastic Shaggy
248 This Kiss Faith Hill
249 Mambo No. 5 (A Little Bit Of...) Lou Bega
250 Red Light Special TLC
251 My All Mariah Carey
252 Sometimes Love Just Ain't Enough Patty Smyth
253 I'll Remember (From "With Honors") Madonna
254 Hole Hearted Extreme
255 Tubthumping Chumbawamba
256 Whatta Man Salt-N-Pepa Featuring En Vogue
257 The Way You Do The Things You Do UB40
258 Fading Like A Flower (Every Time You Leave) Roxette
259 Here And Now Luther Vandross
260 This House Tracie Spencer
261 I Love Your Smile Shanice
262 Can You Feel The Love Tonight (From "The Lion King") Elton John
263 To Be With You Mr. Big
264 Only Wanna Be With You Hootie & The Blowfish
265 The Most Beautiful Girl In The World Prince
266 A Whole New World (Aladdin's Theme) Peabo Bryson & Regina Belle
267 Total Eclipse Of The Heart Nicki French
268 Doo Wop (That Thing) Lauryn Hill
269 Come Back To Me Janet Jackson
270 I Wanna Be Down Brandy
271 Things That Make You Go Hmmmm. . . C+C Music Factory
272 Follow You Down/Til I Hear It From You Gin Blossoms
273 Fantastic Voyage Coolio
274 Any Time, Any Place/And On And On Janet Jackson
275 Slide Goo Goo Dolls
276 I Touch Myself Divinyls
277 Jump Around House Of Pain
278 Rhythm Of My Heart Rod Stewart
279 How Do You Talk To An Angel The Heights
280 Been Around The World Puff Daddy & The Family (Feat. The Notorious B.I.G. & Mase)
281 Something To Talk About Bonnie Raitt
282 Regulate (From "Above The Rim") Warren G & Nate Dogg
283 4 Seasons Of Loneliness Boyz II Men
284 Fly Sugar Ray
285 Gettin' Jiggy Wit It Will Smith
286 Bills, Bills, Bills Destiny's Child
287 Everybody [Backstreet's Back] Backstreet Boys
288 No, No, No Destiny's Child
289 Loungin LL Cool J
290 In The Still Of The Nite (From "The Jacksons") Boyz II Men
291 Play That Funky Music Vanilla Ice
292 As I Lay Me Down Sophie B. Hawkins
293 O.P.P. Naughty By Nature
294 Love Of A Lifetime Firehouse
295 Temptation Corina
296 You Were Meant For Me/Foolish Games Jewel
297 Finally CeCe Peniston
298 Giving You The Benefit Pebbles
299 If Janet Jackson
300 My Body LSG
301 Shoop Salt-N-Pepa
302 You Are Not Alone Michael Jackson
303 Can't Let Go Mariah Carey
304 Back & Forth Aaliyah
305 Secret Madonna
306 My Love Is The Shhh! Somethin' For The People Featuring Trina & Tamara
307 Sadeness Part 1 Enigma
308 Hypnotize The Notorious B.I.G.
309 U Can't Touch This M.C. Hammer
310 How Can We Be Lovers Michael Bolton
311 One More Chance/Stay With Me The Notorious B.I.G.
312 After The Rain Nelson
313 Men In Black Will Smith
314 3 A.M. Eternal The KLF
315 November Rain Guns N' Roses
316 Strong Enough Sheryl Crow
317 Pray M.C. Hammer
318 Achy Breaky Heart Billy Ray Cyrus
319 I Want You Savage Garden
320 I Have Nothing Whitney Houston
321 Not Gon' Cry (From "Waiting To Exhale") Mary J. Blige
322 Honey Mariah Carey
323 Now And Forever Richard Marx
324 Saving Forever For You (From "Beverly Hills, 90210") Shanice
325 Something Happened On The Way To Heaven Phil Collins
326 Killing Me Softly Fugees Featuring Bounty Killer
327 I Wish It Would Rain Down Phil Collins
328 Head Over Feet Alanis Morissette
329 Do You Remember? Phil Collins
330 One Week Barenaked Ladies
331 The River Of Dreams Billy Joel
332 So Much In Love All-4-One
333 Show Me Love Robin S.
334 3 AM matchbox 20
335 Gangsta Lean DRS
336 I'll Be There Mariah Carey
337 I Wanna Love You Forever Jessica Simpson
338 Right Here (Human Nature)/Downtown SWV
339 Just Between You And Me Lou Gramm
340 Baby I Love Your Way (From "Reality Bites") Big Mountain
341 Last Kiss Pearl Jam
342 Love Is (From "Beverly Hills, 90210") Vanessa Williams/Brian McKnight
343 Can't Stop After 7
344 Be My Lover La Bouche
345 You Mean The World To Me Toni Braxton
346 Breakfast At Tiffany's Deep Blue Something
347 Lately Jodeci
348 One Of Us Joan Osborne
349 My Heart Will Go On Celine Dion
350 Heartbreaker Mariah Carey Featuring Jay-Z
351 Down Low (Nobody Has To Know) R. Kelly Featuring Ronald Isley
352 No More Lies Michel'le
353 As Long As You Love Me Backstreet Boys
354 I'll Be Your Shelter Taylor Dayne
355 I'm So Into You SWV
356 Time, Love And Tenderness Michael Bolton
357 Just Kickin' It Xscape
358 Remember The Time Michael Jackson
359 Angel Sarah McLachlan
360 All Cried Out Allure Featuring 112
361 Tell Me Groove Theory
362 Fortunate Maxwell
363 In My Bed Dru Hill
364 Ordinary World Duran Duran
365 Price Of Love Bad English
366 I'm Still In Love With You New Edition
367 Say You'll Be There Spice Girls
368 Good Enough Bobby Brown
369 Lullaby Shawn Mullins
370 Real Love Mary J. Blige
371 Cry For Help Rick Astley
372 Every Time I Close My Eyes Babyface
373 Mr. Wendal Arrested Development
374 The Freshmen The Verve Pipe
375 This Used To Be My Playground Madonna
376 Please Forgive Me Bryan Adams
377 Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me George Michael/Elton John
378 What About Your Friends TLC
379 Someday Sugar Ray
380 I'll Be Edwin McCain
381 Hard To Say I'm Sorry Az Yet Featuring Peter Cetera
382 I Belong To You (Every Time I See Your Face) Rome
383 Show Me Love Robyn
384 Ready Or Not After 7
385 2 Become 1 Spice Girls
386 Never Lie Immature
387 Show Me The Way Styx
388 Janie's Got A Gun Aerosmith
389 I Can't Wait Another Minute Hi-Five
390 Baby Brandy
391 Diamonds And Pearls Prince And The N.P.G.
392 Humpin' Around Bobby Brown
393 Get Up! (Before The Night Is Over) Technotronic
394 Masterpiece Atlantic Starr
395 Feels Good Tony Toni Tone
396 You're The One SWV
397 I Don't Want To Wait Paula Cole
398 Let's Ride Montell Jordan Feat. Master P & Silkk The Shocker
399 Runaway Train Soul Asylum
400 I'm The Only One Melissa Etheridge
401 How Deep Is Your Love Dru Hill Featuring Redman
402 Bailamos Enrique Iglesias
403 I Can't Sleep Baby (If I) R. Kelly
404 Free Fallin' Tom Petty
405 Do You Know (What It Takes) Robyn
406 I'll Be There The Escape Club
407 All I Have To Give Backstreet Boys
408 I Believe In You And Me (From "The Preacher's Wife") Whitney Houston
409 Stroke You Up Changing Faces
410 Enjoy The Silence Depeche Mode
411 Said I Loved You...But I Lied Michael Bolton
412 Girls Nite Out Tyler Collins
413 Here I Am (Come And Take Me) UB40
414 Diggin' On You TLC
415 I Believe Blessid Union Of Souls
416 Endless Love Luther Vandross & Mariah Carey
417 Frozen Madonna
418 All Or Nothing Milli Vanilli
419 Run Away Real McCoy
420 You Learn/You Oughta Know Alanis Morissette
421 Iesha Another Bad Creation
422 I'm Every Woman (From "The Bodyguard") Whitney Houston
423 Place In This World Michael W. Smith
424 Signs Tesla
425 Blowing Kisses In The Wind Paula Abdul
426 Before I Let You Go BLACKstreet
427 What Kind Of Man Would I Be? Chicago
428 Wicked Game Chris Isaak
429 Feel So Good Mase
430 Mmm Mmm Mmm Mmm Crash Test Dummies
431 I Remember You Skid Row
432 Live And Learn Joe Public
433 I'll Give All My Love To You Keith Sweat
434 Here We Are Gloria Estefan
435 Get Here Oleta Adams
436 This One's For The Children New Kids On The Block
437 What's It Gonna Be?! Busta Rhymes Featuring Janet
438 Tootsee Roll 69 Boyz
439 Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg TLC
440 Looking Through Patient Eyes P.M. Dawn
441 I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) The Proclaimers
442 How's It Going To Be Third Eye Blind
443 If You Asked Me To Celine Dion
444 Freedom George Michael
445 Have I Told You Lately Rod Stewart
446 Real Real Real Jesus Jones
447 Hold My Hand Hootie & The Blowfish
448 Never Ever All Saints
449 When The Lights Go Out Five
450 That's What Love Is For Amy Grant
451 Return To Innocence Enigma
452 Before You Walk Out Of My Life/Like This And Like That Monica
453 Oh Girl Paul Young
454 Summer Girls LFO
455 Sukiyaki 4PM
456 I'm Not In Love Will To Power
457 Everybody Everybody Black Box
458 Big Poppa/Warning The Notorious B.I.G.
459 Smells Like Teen Spirit Nirvana
460 I Don't Ever Want To See You Again Uncle Sam
461 Piece Of My Heart Tara Kemp
462 Set The Night To Music Roberta Flack With Maxi Priest
463 Love Song Tesla
464 Sunny Came Home Shawn Colvin
465 Colors Of The Wind (From "Pocahontas") Vanessa Williams
466 I Go To Extremes Billy Joel
467 Pony Ginuwine
468 Barely Breathing Duncan Sheik
469 Body Bumpin' Yippie-Yi-Yo Public Announcement
470 King Of Wishful Thinking (From "Pretty Woman") Go West
471 Too Many Walls Cathy Dennis
472 Crazy Seal
473 Back For Good Take That
474 1, 2, 3, 4 (Sumpin' New) Coolio
475 Funkdafied Da Brat
476 Life Is A Highway Tom Cochrane
477 If You Go Jon Secada
478 I'll Be There For You/You're All I Need To Get By Method Man Featuring Mary J. Blige
479 All This Time Sting
480 Strike It Up Black Box
481 When I'm Back On My Feet Again Michael Bolton
482 Damn I Wish I Was Your Lover Sophie B. Hawkins
483 Tell Me What You Want Me To Do Tevin Campbell
484 We Can't Go Wrong The Cover Girls
485 Make It Hot Nicole Featuring Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott & Mocha
486 Come With Me Puff Daddy Featuring Jimmy Page
487 What It Takes Aerosmith
488 Last Night (From "The Nutty Professor") Az Yet
489 Hey Mr. D.J. Zhane
490 Epic Faith No More
491 Around The Way Girl LL Cool J
492 Forever KISS
493 Wild Wild West Will Smith Featuring Dru Hill & Kool Mo Dee
494 Giving Him Something He Can Feel En Vogue
495 Save Tonight Eagle-Eye Cherry
496 Romeo Dino
497 You Want This Janet Jackson
498 Thieves In The Temple Prince
499 Just Another Dream Cathy Dennis
500 100% Pure Love Crystal Waters
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2019.09.18 07:39 tanooki64 Top 500 Songs of the 1980s

Rank Artist Title
1 Olivia Newton-John Physical (81)
2 Kim Carnes Bette Davis Eyes (81)
3 Lionel Richie/Diana Ross Endless Love (81)
4 Survivor Eye Of The Tiger (82)
5 Police Every Breath You Take (83)
6 Irene Cara Flashdance...What A Feeling (83)
7 Queen Another One Bites The Dust (80)
8 Paul McCartney/Michael Jackson Say, Say, Say (83)
9 Blondie Call Me
10 Kenny Rogers Lady (80)
11 J. Geils Band Centerfold (82)
12 John Lennon (Just Like) Starting Over (80)
13 Joan Jett & The Blackhearts I Love Rock 'N Roll (82)
14 Paul McCartney & Stevie Wonder Ebony & Ivory
15 Dionne & Friends That's What Friends Are For
16 Upside Down Diana Ross
17 Michael Jackson Billie Jean (83)
18 Steve Miller Band Abracadabra (82)
19 Lionel Richie Say You, Say Me (85)
20 Lionel Richie All Night Long (83)
21 Foreigner Waiting For A Girl Like You (81)
22 John Cougar Hurts So Good (82)
23 Phil Collins Another Day In Paradise (89)
24 Captain & Tennille Do That To Me One More Time (80)
25 Madonna Like A Virgin (84)
26 Prince When Doves Cry
27 Daryl Hall/John Oates Maneater (82)
28 Pink Floyd Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2)
29 George Michael Faith (87)
30 Queen Crazy Little Thing Called Love (80)
31 Bonnie Tyler Total Eclipse Of The Heart (83)
32 Wham! Careless Whisper (85)
33 Bangles Walk Like An Egyptian (86)
34 Human League Don't You Want Me? (82)
35 Rick Springfield Jessie's Girl
36 Barbra Streisand Woman In Love (80)
37 Chicago Hard To Say I'm Sorry (82)
38 Janet Jackson Miss You Much (89)
39 Men At Work Down Under
40 USA For Africa We Are The World (85)
41 John Cougar Jack & Diane
42 Van Halen Jump (84)
43 Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton Islands In The Stream
44 Paul McCartney/Wings Coming Up (80)
45 Christopher Cross Arthur's Theme (81)
46 Mr Mister Broken Wings
47 Heart Alone
48 Can't Fight This Feeling REO Speedwagon
49 Poison Every Rose Has Its Thorn (88)
50 Whitney Houston I Wanna Dance With Somebody Who Loves Me
51 Daryl Hall/John Oates I Can't Go For That (82)
52 Bon Jovi Livin' On A Prayer (87)
53 Dire Straits Money For Nothing (85)
54 Patti LaBelle/Michael McDonald On My Own (86)
55 Michael Jackson Beat It
56 Madonna Crazy For You (85)
57 Tina Turner What's Love Got To Do With It
58 Michael Jackson Rock With You (80)
59 Phil Collins/Marilyn Martin Separate Lives (85)
60 Foreigner I Want To Know What Love Is
61 Billy Joel It's Still Rock and Roll To Me (80)
62 Chicago Look Away (88)
63 Kenny Loggins Footloose (84)
64 Phil Collins Against All Odds (84)
65 Steve Winwood Roll With It (88)
66 Paula Abdul Straight Up (89)
67 Tears For Fears Everybody Wants To Rule The World (
68 Billy Joel We Didn't Start The Fire (89)
69 Starship Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now (87)
70 U2 With Or Without You (87)
71 Huey Lewis & The News The Power Of Love (85)
72 Whitney Houston Greatest Love Of All (86)
73 Stevie Wonder I Just Called To Say I Love You (84
74 Los Lobos La Bamba (87)
75 Lipps Inc. Funkytown (80)
76 Olivia Newton-John Magic (80)
77 George Michael One More Try (88)
78 Ray Parker Jr. Ghostbusters (84)
79 Laura Branigan Gloria (82)
80 Lionel Richie Hello (84)
81 Tears For Fears Shout (84)
82 Richard Marx Right Here Waiting (89)
83 John Lennon Woman (81)
84 Yes Owner Of A Lonely Heart (84)
85 KC & The Sunshine Band Please Don't Go (80)
86 Debbie Gibson Lost In Your Eyes (89)
87 INXS Need You Tonight (88)
88 Quarterflash Harden My Heart (82)
89 Gregory Abbott Shake You Down
90 Starship We Built This City (85)
91 Huey Lewis & The News Stuck With You (86)
92 Eddie Murphy Party All The Time
93 Rick Astley Never Gonna Give You Up (88)
94 Guns N' Roses Sweet Child O' Mine (88)
95 Paul Young Everytime You Go Away (85)
96 Linda Ronstadt/Aaron Neville Don't Know Much (89)
97 George Harrison Got My Mind Set On You (88)
98 Dolly Parton 9 To 5
99 Falco Rock Me Amadeus (86)
100 Madonna Like A Prayer (89)
101 Eddie Rabbitt I Love A Rainy Night
102 Toto Rosanna (82)
103 Simple Minds Don't You (Forget About Me) (85)
104 Mr Mister Kyrie
105 Culture Club Karma Chameleon (84)
106 Prince Kiss (86)
107 John Parr St Elmo's Fire
108 Paula Abdul Cold Hearted (89)
109 Bobby Brown My Prerogative
110 Whitney Houston So Emotional (88)
111 Daryl Hall/John Oates Out Of Touch (84)
112 Bruce Hornsby & The Range The Way It Is
113 Whitney Houston How Will I Know (86)
114 Rick Springfield Don't Talk to Strangers (82)
115 Stevie Wonder Part-Time Lover (85)
116 Gloria Estefan Anything For You (88)
117 Whitesnake Here I Go Again (87)
118 Toni Basil Mickey
119 Milli Vanilli Blame It On The Rain (89)
120 Billy Ocean Get Outta My Dreams, Get Into My Car
121 Patti Austin/James Ingram Baby, Come To Me (83)
122 Eurythmics Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) (83
123 Blondie The Tide Is High
124 Maniac Michael Sembello
125 Smokey Robinson Being With You (81)
126 Madonna Papa Don't Preach (86)
127 David Bowie Let's Dance (83)
128 Grover Washington Jr./Bill Withers Just The Two Of Us (81)
129 Tiffany Could've Been
130 Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band Shakedown (87)
131 Escape Club Wild Wild West
132 Rolling Stones Start Me Up (81)
133 A-Ha Take On Me
134 Michael Jackson Man In The Mirror (88)
135 Whitney Houston Didn't We Almost Have It All (87)
136 Air Supply All Out Of Love (80)
137 Phil Collins Two Hearts (89)
138 Daryl Hall/John Oates Private Eyes
139 Wham! Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go (84)
140 Tiffany I Think We're Alone Now
141 Pet Shop Boys West End Girls (86)
142 Bette Midler Wind Beneath My Wings
143 Gloria Estefan Don't Wanna Lose You (89)
144 Men At Work Who Can It Be Now (82)
145 U2 I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
146 Kool/The Gang Celebration(81)
147 Joey Scarbury Greatest American Hero (Believe It Or Not)
148 Cheap Trick The Flame (88)
149 Billy Ocean There'll Be Sad Songs (To Make You Cry)
150 Deniece Williams Let's Hear It For The Boy (84)
151 Milli Vanilli Girl I'm Gonna Miss You (89)
152 UB40 Red Red Wine (84)
153 Whitney Houston Saving All My Love For You (85)
154 Elton John Little Jeannie (80)
155 Daryl Hall/John Oates Kiss On My List (81)
156 John Waite Missing You (84)
157 Duran Duran A View To A Kill
158 Pointer Sisters Slow Hand (81)
159 Phil Collins A Groovy Kind Of Love (88)
160 Peter Cetera Glory Of Love (86)
161 REO Speedwagon Keep On Loving You (81)
162 Neil Diamond Love On The Rocks (81)
163 Phil Collins One More Night (85)
164 Robert Palmer Addicted To Love (86)
165 Bryan Adams Heaven (85)
166 Vangelis Chariots Of Fire (82)
167 Human League Human
168 Atlantic Starr Always (87)
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180 Peter Gabriel Sledgehammer (86)
181 Fine Young Cannibals She Drives Me Crazy (89)
182 Cyndi Lauper Time After Time (84)
183 Journey Open Arms (82)
184 Lionel Richie Dancing On The Ceiling (86)
185 Lionel Richie Truly (82)
186 Bill Medley/Jennifer Warnes (I've Had) The Time Of My Life (87)
187 Bad English When I See You Smile (89)
188 Juice Newton Queen Of Hearts (81)
189 Will To Power Baby, I Love Your Way/Freebird Medley
190 Kool/The Gang Cherish (85)
191 Bobby McFerrin Don't Worry Be Happy (88)
192 Club Nouveau Lean On Me (87)
193 Paula Abdul Forever Your Girl (89)
194 Terence Trent D'Arby Wishing Well (88)
195 Klymaxx I Miss You (85)
196 Janet Jackson When I Think Of You (86)
197 Stevie Nicks/Tom Petty Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (81)
198 George Michael Father Figure (88)
199 Milli Vanilli Girl You Know It's True (89)
200 Martika Toy Soldiers (89)
201 Joe CockeJennifer Warnes Up Where We Belong (82)
202 Gloria Loring/Carl Anderson Friends And Lovers (86)
203 Madonna Live To Tell (86)
204 George Michael/Aretha Franklin I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) (8
205 Crowded House Don't Dream It's Over (87)
206 Whitney Houston Where Do Broken Hearts Go (88)
207 Bon Jovi You Give Love A Bad Name (86)
208 Daryl Hall/John Oates Say It Isn't So (83)
209 Wang Chung Everybody Have Fun Tonight (86)
210 Bananarama Venus (86)
211 Culture Club Do You Really Want To Hurt Me (83)
212 Soul II Soul Back To Life (89)
213 Berlin Take My Breath Away (86)
214 Billy Idol Mony Mony (87)
215 Michael Jackson The Girl Is Mine (83)
216 Anita Baker Giving You The Best That I Got (88)
217 Duran Duran The Reflex (84)
218 Cutting Crew (I Just) Died In Your Arms (87)
219 Boston Amanda (86)
220 Expose Seasons Change (88)
221 Bruce Springsteen Dancing In The Dark (84)
222 Marvin Gaye Sexual Healing (83)
223 Blondie Rapture (81)
224 Steve Winwood Higher Love (86)
225 Phil Collins Sussudio (85)
226 Bon Jovi Bad Medicine (88)
227 Bon Jovi I'll Be There For You (89)
228 Warrant Heaven (89)
229 Christopher Cross Ride Like The Wind (80)
230 Styx The Best Of Times (81)
231 Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band Shame On The Moon (83)
232 Chaka Khan I Feel For You (84)
233 Roxette Listen To Your Heart (89)
234 Whitesnake Is This Love (87)
235 Billy Ocean Caribbean Queen (84)
236 Don Henley Dirty Laundry (83)
237 Fleetwood Mac Hold Me (82)
238 New Kids On The Block I'll Be Loving You Forever (89)
239 Def Leppard Pour Some Sugar On Me (88)
240 Survivor Burning Heart (86)
241 Simply Red If You Don't Know Me By Now (89)
242 George Michael Monkey (88)
243 Cyndi Lauper True Colors (86)
244 Mike + The Mechanics The Living Years (89)
245 Def Leppard Love Bites (88)
246 Breathe Hands To Heaven (88)
247 Richard Marx Hold On To The Nights (88)
248 Milli Vanilli Baby Don't Forget My Number (89)
249 Duran Duran The Wild Boys (84)
250 Air Supply Making Love Out Of Nothing At All
251 Stars On 45 Stars On 45 (Medley) (81)
252 Simple Minds Alive & Kicking (85)
253 Go Go's We Got The Beat (82)
254 Earth, Wind & Fire Let's Groove (82)
255 Heart These Dreams (86)
256 Glenn Frey You Belong To The City (85)
257 Leo Sayer More Than I Can Say (80)
258 Duran Duran Hungry Like The Wolf (83)
259 Eddy Grant Electric Avenue (83)
260 Simply Red Holding Back The Years (86)
261 Ready For The World Oh Sheila (85)
262 Jody Watley Looking For A New Love (87)
263 Debbie Gibson Foolish Beat (88)
264 Beach Boys Kokomo (88)
265 Bangles Eternal Flame (89)
266 Lisa Lisa/Cult Jam Lost In Emotion (87)
267 Madonna Open Your Heart (87)
268 Debarge Rhythm Of The Night (85)
269 Debbie Gibson Shake Your Love (87)
270 Peter Cetera/Amy Grant The Next Time I Fall (86)
271 Glenn Frey The Heat Is On (85)
272 Kim Wilde You Keep Me Hanging On (87)
273 Atlantic Starr Secret Lovers (86)
274 Michael Jackson The Way You Make Me Feel (88)
275 Bobby Brown On Our Own (89)
276 Alan Parsons Project Eye In The Sky (82)
277 Fine Young Cannibals Good Thing (89)
278 Taylor Dayne I'll Always Love You (88)
279 Prince Batdance (89)
280 Chris DeBurgh The Lady In Red (87)
281 Boy Meets Girl Waiting For A Star To Fall (89)
282 Sheriff When I'm With You (89)
283 Genesis Invisible Touch (86)
284 Johnny Hates Jazz Shattered Dreams (88)
285 Robert Palmer Simply Irresistible (88)
286 Prince Raspberry Beret (85)
287 B-52's Love Shack(89)
288 Air Supply The One That You Love (81)
289 Duran Duran Notorious (87)
290 Rick Astley Together Forever (88)
291 Taylor Dayne Don't Rush Me (89)
292 Huey Lewis & The News Jacob's Ladder (87)
293 Madonna Who's That Girl (87)
294 New Kids On The Block Hangin' Tough (89)
295 Bette Midler The Rose (80)
296 George Michael I Want Your Sex (87)
297 Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Want To Have Fun (84)
298 Paula Abdul The Way That You Love Me (89)
299 Tone Loc Wild Thing (89)
300 Sheena Easton Morning Train (81)
301 Samantha Fox Naughty Girls (88)
302 Richard Marx Endless Summer Nights (88)
303 Spinners Working My Way Back To You/Forgive You Girl
304 Donna Summer She Works Hard For The Money (83)
305 Rockwell Somebody's Watching Me (84)
306 Madonna Material Girl (85)
307 Michael Jackson I Just Can't Stop Loving You (87)
308 Billy Ocean Loverboy (85)
309 Culture Club Time (Clock Of The Heart) (83)
310 A Taste Of Honey Sukiyaki (81)
311 Sting If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
312 Neneh Cherry Buffalo Stance (89)
313 Sergio Mendes Never Gonna Let You Go (83)
314 Patrick Swayze/Wendy Fraser She's Like The Wind (88)
315 Michael Damian Rock On (89)
316 Belinda Carlisle Mad About You (86)
317 Tina Turner We Don't Need Another Hero (85)
318 Chicago You're The Inspiration (85)
319 Smokey Robinson Cruisin' (80)
320 Corey Hart Never Surrender (85)
321 Eric Carmen Make Me Lose Control (88)
322 Aretha Franklin Freeway Of Love (85)
323 Young MC Bust A Move (89)
324 Jody Watley Real Love (89)
325 Prince U Got The Look (87)
326 Air Supply Every Woman In The World (81)
327 Kylie Minogue The Loco-Motion (88)
328 Breathe How Can I Fall (88)
329 Romantics Talking In Your Sleep (84)
330 Dexy's Midnight Runners Come On Eileen (83)
331 Michael Jackson Bad (87)
332 Kenny Loggins Danger Zone (86)
333 Tommy Tutone 867-5309 / Jenny (82)
334 Whitney Houston You Give Good Love (85)
335 Elton John I Don't Wanna Go On With You Like That
336 Eric Carmen Hungry Eyes (88)
337 Debbie Gibson Only In My Dreams (87)
338 Stevie Wonder Master Blaster (Jammin') (80)
339 Christopher Cross Sailing (80)
340 Stevie Wonder That Girl (82)
341 Commodores Nightshift (85)
342 Billy Ocean When the Going Gets Tough (86)
343 Kenny Rogers Coward Of The County (80)
344 Ambrosia Biggest Part Of Me (80)
345 Tina Turner Typical Male (86)
346 Billy Joel Tell Her About It (83)
347 Murray Head One Night In Bangkok (85)
348 Bobby Brown Every Little Step (89)
349 Aerosmith Angel (88)
350 Men Without Hats The Safety Dance (83)
351 Pointer Sisters Jump (For My Love) (84)
352 Styx Mr. Roboto (83)
353 Bangles Hazy Shade Of Winter (88)
354 Nu Shooz I Can't Wait (86)
355 Tears For Fears Head Over Heels (85)
356 Janet Jackson Control (87)
357 Janet Jackson What Have You Done For Me Lately (86)
358 Greg Kihn Band Jeopardy (83)
359 Rolling Stones Emotional Rescue (80)
360 Taylor Dayne With Every Beat Of My Heart
361 Toto Africa (83)
362 Journey Who's Crying Now (81)
363 Love & Rockets So Alive (89)
364 Glass Tiger Don't Forget Me (When I'm Gone) (86)
365 Kenny Rogers I Don't Need You (81)
366 Heart Never (85)
367 Richard Marx Satisfied (89)
368 Janet Jackson Nasty (86)
369 Prince Purple Rain (84)
370 Cyndi Lauper She Bop (84)
371 Ronnie Milsap (There's) No Gettin' Over Me (81)
372 Men At Work Overkill
373 Cher If I Could Turn Back Time (89)
374 Joe Jackson Steppin' Out (82)
375 Bruce Springsteen Hungry Heart
376 Pointer Sisters Neutron Dance (85)
377 Cars Shake It Up (82)
378 Bon Jovi Born To Be My Baby (89)
379 Information Society What's On Your Mind(Pure Energy)
380 Donny Osmond Soldier Of Love (89)
381 Oak Ridge Boys Elvira (81)
382 Thompson Twins Hold Me Now (84)
383 Sheena Easton The Lover In Me (89)
384 Georgia Satellites Keep Your Hands To Yourself (87)
385 Thomas Dolby She Blinded Me With Science (83)
386 T'Pau Heart And Soul
387 Olivia Newton-John Heart Attack (82)
388 Foreigner Urgent (81)
389 Teri DeSario/KC Yes, I'm Ready (80)
390 Howard Jones Things Can Only Get Better (85)
391 Michael Jackson Dirty Diana (88)
392 Honeydrippers Sea Of Love (85)
393 Linda Ronstadt/James Ingram Somewhere Out There (87)
394 Great White Once Bitten Twice Shy (89)
395 INXS Devil Inside (88)
396 Jack Wagner All I Need (84)
397 Stevie Nicks/Don Henley Leather And Lace (82)
398 Robert Palmer I Didn't Mean To Turn You On (86)
399 Air Supply Lost In Love (80)
400 Barbra Streisand/Barry Gibb Guilty (81)
401 Jody Watley Don't You Want Me (87)
402 Teena Marie Lovergirl (85)
403 Pat Benatar We Belong (84)
404 Bananarama I Heard A Rumour (87)
405 Pet Shop Boys/Dusty Springfield What Have I Done To Deserve This?
406 Eddie Rabbitt Step By Step (81)
407 Bangles Manic Monday (86)
408 Air Supply Even The Nights Are Better (82)
409 Lionel Richie Stuck On You (84)
410 Jets Crush On You (86)
411 Harold Faltermeyer Axel F (85)
412 Madonna Causing A Commotion (87)
413 John Cougar Mellencamp R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A. (86)
414 Chicago I Don't Wanna Live Without Your Love
415 Richard Marx Should've Known Better (87)
416 Dan Fogelberg Longer (80)
417 Madonna Express Yourself (89)
418 Eddie Rabbitt/Crystal Gayle You And I (83)
419 New Edition Cool It Now (85)
420 Matthew Wilder Break My Stride (84)
421 Rod Stewart My Heart Can't Tell You No (89)
422 Chicago Hard Habit To Break (84)
423 Spinners Cupid/I've Loved You For A Long Time
424 Pat Benatar Love Is A Battlefield (83)
425 Janet Jackson Let's Wait Awhile (87)
426 J. Geils Band Freeze-Frame
427 Survivor The Search Is Over (85)
428 Juice Newton Angel Of The Morning (81)
429 New Kids On The Block You Got It (The Right Stuff) (89)
430 Cars Drive (84)
431 Stevie Nicks Talk To Me (86)
432 Debbie Gibson Out Of The Blue (88)
433 Jets Make It Real (88)
434 Def Leppard Armageddon It (89)
435 Air Supply Sweet Dreams (82)
436 Ray Parker Jr./Raydio A Woman Needs Love (81)
437 Madonna True Blue (86)
438 Andy Gibb Desire
439 Van Halen Why Can't This Be Love (86)
440 Genesis In Too Deep (87)
441 Nena 99 Luftballons (84)
442 INXS What You Need (86)
443 Juice Newton The Sweetest Thing (82)
444 Howard Jones No One Is To Blame (86)
445 U2 Desire (88)
446 Steve Perry Oh Sherrie (84)
447 Ray Parker Jr. The Other Woman (82)
448 Kool & The Gang Joanna (84)
449 Belinda Carlisle I Get Weak (88)
450 S.O.S. Band Take Your Time (Do It Right) (80)
451 Huey Lewis & The News Hip To Be Square (86)
452 Cameo Word Up (86)
453 Suzanne Vega Luka (87)
454 Fleetwood Mac Little Lies (87)
455 George Benson Give Me The Night (80)
456 Madonna Cherish (89)
457 Terence Trent D'Arby Sign Your Name (88)
458 Tears For Fears Sowing The Seeds Of Love (89)
459 O.M.D If You Leave (86)
460 Europe Carrie (87)
461 Robbie Dupree Steal Away (80)
462 John Cougar Mellencamp Small Town (85)
463 Rod Stewart Passion (81)
464 Arcadia Election Day (85)
465 Billy Preston/Syreeta With You I'm Born Again (80)
466 El Debarge Who's Johnny (86)
467 Jets You Got It All (87)
468 Animotion Obsession (85)
469 Sade Smooth Operator (85)
470 Laura Branigan Self Control (84)
471 Pebbles Mercedes Boy (88)
472 Duran Duran Union Of The Snake (83)
473 Gino Vanelli Living Inside Myself (81)
474 Roger I Want To Be Your Man (88)
475 Willie Nelson Always On My Mind (82)
476 Eurythmics Here Comes The Rain Again (84)
477 Genesis Land Of Confusion
478 Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machin 1,2,3 (88)
479 Madonna La Isla Bonita (87)
480 Bruce Springsteen Glory Days (85)
481 Huey Lewis & The News Perfect World (88)
482 INXS New Sensation (88)
483 Michael McDonald I Keep Forgettin' (82)
484 Prince Sign 'O' The Times (87)
485 Pebbles Girlfriend (88)
486 Dazz Band Let It Whip (82)
487 Pointer Sisters He's So Shy (80)
488 Wham! I'm Your Man (86)
489 Tone Loc Funky Cold Medina (89)
490 Fixx One Thing Leads To Another (83)
491 Billy Ocean Suddenly (85)
492 George Benson Turn Your Love Around (82)
493 Donna Summer The Wanderer (80)
494 Skid Row 18 And Life (89)
495 Don McLean Crying (81)
496 Cyndi Lauper Change Of Heart (87)
497 Kenny Rogers/Sheena Easton We've Got Tonight (83)
498 Samantha Fox Touch Me (I Want Your Body) (87)
499 Chicago Will You Still Love Me? (87)
500 Irene Cara Fame (80)
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Cantante: Paula Abdul Album: Spellbound Año: 1991 Copyright: Virgin Records, EMI Music Letra: Ooh, yeah let's get it Come on Ooh work it baby A give me that ... Forever Your Girl 😘 xoP Music video by Paula Abdul/The Wild Pair performing Opposites Attract (Video). #PaulaAbdul #OppositesAttract #Vevo Cantante: Paula Abdul Album: Forever Your Girl Año: 1988 Copyright: Virgin Records, EMI Music Letra: Lost in a dream Don't know which way to go If you are al... Paula Abdul teaches Kelly and Mark Consuelos dance moves from her song 'Straight Up.' Music video by Paula Abdul performing Forever Your Girl (Video). #PaulaAbdul #ForeverYourGirl #Vevo Cantante: Paula Abdul Album: Spellbound Año: 1991 Copyright: Virgin Records, EMI Music Letra: Ooh, na na na, na na na Ooh, na na na You're the whisper of a s... Paula Abdul is known not only in the US but all across the globe as a super-talented choreographer, a pop singer with platinum albums, an actress and finally, a businesswoman. America's Got Talent Season 14 Episode 23 The Finale #AGT #AmericasGotTalent #TalentRecap For more HD videos, news, analysis and recaps of America's Go... The Hudson Union is where everyone comes to be inspired, to change our world. Check us out on Twitter @ActualJoePascal Never befor...